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Paintball Welts

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By shooting dummy

Paintball Welts


Location of Bruise

Lower Back

The Story Behind The Bruise

I was severely outgunned and hiding behind a bunker. Knowing that my time was short I lunged out and tried to take someone with me. At the exact time I went around the the right side of the bunker, someone else bunkered me from the left side and hit me three times in the small of the back. The big problem wasn't that I got hit but that he was shooting hot (well over 300fps) and so I was left with these beauties through two shirts. I still have some light scars years later while the major damage healed in about six weeks.

Lessons Learned

  • Chrono everybody's gun every time. We were at a walk-on field and he swore he chronoed his own gun. Now I check other people's guns to make sure they're shooting slow enough.

David Muhlestein, About.com Paintball, says:

An excellent lesson for everybody - be sure to chrono your paintball guns.
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