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What is Woodsball?


Question: What is Woodsball?
Answer: Woodsball (or Outlaw Paintball) is a title given to almost any variety of paintball that is not played on level, professional fields. It often consists of simply a group of friends who decide to play paintball in the trees or in the desert. The primary difference between woodsball and speedball is the former is playable wherever it's safe to shoot a paintball gun while the latter requires a flat, prepared field. Woodsball also typically utilizes mainly the natural surrounds such as rocks, bushes and trees (many woodsball fields also have bunkers) whereas speedball fields typically only have man made bunkers and obstacles to hide behind.

Woodsball is the easiest paintball to get involved with - simply buy a gun and round up some friends to head out and play. With the ease of playing, though, there comes the problem that many people don't give it the proper respect it deserves. Paintball can be dangerous! Follow all safety rules.

There are countless varieties of woodsball games you can play including the basics of capture the flag and elimination. Follow the basic rules of paintball and woodsball will give you a great glimpse of the adrenaline fueled world of paintball.

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