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Mil-Sim Paintball Gun Upgrades


One of the most fun things about buying a new paintball gun is the opportunity to mod it out to suit your style of play. In the past 11 years since I've joined the sport, paintball guns have gotten even more mod-able -- the Smart Parts Ion took gun mods to a new level. Then Tippmann and Special Ops teamed up to bring woodsballers the X-7, a dream paintball gun capable of hundreds of variations suitable for weekend woods paintball or competition in woods tournaments like the SPPL.

Both guns were top ranked in paintball gun reviews at the time of release, and, in that regard, not much has changed. Tippmann and a host of other manufacturers continue to release high-quality paintball guns designed for solid woods performance, and made to modify.

But what paintball gun mods do you really need? The answer to that question depends on your style of play, your base paintball gun and -- let's face it -- your budget. Let's look at a few common paintball gun mods and how they can help your game.

Remote line - A remote line moves that bulky air tank off the back of your gun and onto your back, along with your paint pods -- usually on a tactical vest. This modification can reduce your paintball gun's profile, improve the balance of your paintball gun, and also make it look more like the real gun it's patterned after if you use a tactical-style paintball gun for woods play.

Stock - A stock, or buttstock, sits on the rear of your paintball gun and permits you to prop it against your shoulder in the style of “real-steel” weapons like an AR-15. Stocks come in many varieties, including folding stocks and adjustable stocks. Most are patterned after the stocks found on popular models of real guns. Some stocks permit you to run an airline right through the stock -- a must if you are running a remote line on your paintball gun and using a stock. Does a woods paintball player need a stock? It will provide added stability, especially if you prefer a slow-and-sneaky sniper style of play. But for fast running-and-gunning maneuvers, you may find a stock only slows you down.

Rails - Rails aren't so much mil-sim mods for paintball guns by themselves, but they make many other mods possible. The Smart Parts SP-8 Tactical, Tippmann X-7 and Tippmann Sports U.S. Army Alpha Black Tactical, the Editor's Choice at AllReviews.com as the number one semi-automatic paintball gun, come with rails included, but you can buy additional rails for many other popular paintball guns, too.

Scopes and Sights - Many people say that scopes are virtually useless on paintball guns because paintballs aren't known for their natural accuracy. Using a scope to hone in on your target may give you no better results than using “Kentucky windage,” that is, adjusting your shots based on where the last paintball hit. Whether you agree with this assessment or not, one thing's for sure -- sights and scopes look cool mounted on the top of your favorite semi-automatic paintball gun. The verdict? If you like them, get one -- then decide if it improves your game or not.

The final question to ask yourself -- or perhaps the first -- is: Which paintball gun should I put all these cool mods on? If you're in the market for a new paintball gun, check out the semi-automatic paintball gun reviews at AllReviews.com.

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