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Woodsball / Scenario

Woodsball consists of a group of friends who go into the woods and play paintball games reminiscent of military battles. Scenario games are larger woodsball games with dozens or even hundreds of players that often simulate famous historical battles or involve military-styled objectives. How to get started in paintball, some helpful hints, simple strategies, and ways to find a field.

Can You Play Paintball in the Cold?
Though more difficult than a summer game, paintball can be played in the cold.

Top 9 Pieces of Equipment for Scenario Games
Learn what equipment you need to bring to make the most of your time at a scenario game.

Can You Play Paintball in the Cold
It has been possible to play paintball in cold weather, though it usually takes a little more work and preparation than playing in warmer temperatures. Fragile paintballs, inconsistent gas expansion and mechanical problems all contribute to making it difficult to play paintball in cold weather.

What is Woodsball?
Woodsball (or Outlaw Paintball) is a title given to almost any variety of paintball that is not played on level, professional fields. It often consists of simply a group of friends who decide to play paintball in the trees or in the desert.

What is Scenario Paintball?
Scenario paintball is a genre of paintball games where large groups of players compete for specific objectives, often simulating famous battles from history or from movies

Basic Woodsball Field Setup
What to look for in a field and how to organize things so you're ready to play.

Woodsball Clothing
What you need to wear to get ready for a game of woodsball.

What's the Most Important Piece of Equipment for a Scenario Game?
What's the Most Important Piece of Equipment for a Scenario Game?

Field Locations
Paintball field locations and reviews of fields throughout the United States, Canada, and foreign countries.

Inventors of the Tippmann 98, the A5 and the Carbine, Tippmann is also one of the largest manufacturers of woodsball guns and equipment.

Mil-Sim Paintball Gun Upgrades
Learn which mil-sim paintball gun mods and upgrades you need to maximize your scenario paintball experience.

What's the Largest Paintball Game
There are many large paintball events - some are regularly scheduled and occur year after year and others are a once-in-a-lifetime event. One event, though, is bigger than all the others.

Can You Play Woodsball without Trees?
Woodsball is a form of paintball is variety of the sport typically played in a forest. Trees, though, do not have to be involved.

What is Oklahoma D-Day
The largest game of paintball of the year.

Special Ops Paintball
The rise and fall of the woodsball paintball company.

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