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Top 7 Upgrades for Beginner Guns


Beginner guns can't be upgraded to be high-end, but a few basic upgrades can make them more consistent, more comfortable and more effective. Each of these upgrades is designed to help your gun without costing more than the gun is actually worth. All of these products are directed towards improving guns that initially cost less than $100.

1. Bottom Line

Most low-end guns come with a bottom line, but if you are still screwing your tank directly into the chamber, you need to upgrade. A bottom line allows you to screw your tank into an adapter at the rear of the gun below the grip. A bottom line helps CO2 (carbon dioxide) expand, allows the tank to act as a stock for your shoulder, and helps balance the gun. There are also many bottom lines that come with grips over the air hose which provides a much more comfortable front grip than a CO2 tank.

2. Expansion Chamber

Carbon Dioxide is in a compressed, liquid state inside a CO2 tank. When it is released from the tank it expands into gaseous CO2 which propels the paintball out of the chamber. The conversion of liquid CO2 to gaseous CO2 takes in heat from the surrounding metal and leaves the gun much colder. Rapid firing will cause the gun to become very cold, which will then slow down the conversion of CO2 from the liquid to the gaseous state, resulting in very inconsistent shooting. An expansion chamber increases the amount of space the liquid CO2 has to expand in, thus increasing consistency during intense firing.
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3. Spring Kit

Spring tensions determine how fast balls will be shot. Stronger springs mean more air is released to push the paintball and a faster paintball. You can adjust paintball speed to a certain degree with the tension screw on the back of lower-end guns, but to be more effective, a spring kit allows you to exchange springs of different tensions inside the actual gun. Exchanging springs allows for more precise adjustments, and will also save you from being forced to clip your spring if you play on a field with a very low speed requirement.

4. Barrel

Most lower-end guns come with adequate barrels so they are not a priority to upgrade. But, if you are having lots of paintballs break in the barrel, it might be worth while to buy a barrel with a larger bore. Remember, extremely long barrels do not increase accuracy, and a barrel longer than 14 inches is not beneficial. If your gun is extremely loud, a barrel with more porting (holes drilled near the tip) will quiet things down. High quality barrel kits will cost as much as you paid for your low-end gun, and will not improve accuracy as much as simply upgrading to a better gun. Before you buy, be sure to learn what to look for in a barrel!.

5. Drop Forward

A drop forward moves the tank forward to where it is more centrally located and balanced under the gun. A drop forward will not improve your gun's performance, but it can make the gun more comfortable to hold, more compact and more stable in your hands.
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6. Agitated Hopper

Even some low-end guns can out-shoot gravity fed hoppers, so if you are a fast shooter, it might be beneficial to purchase a basic agitated hopper. You won't need anything fancy as low end guns can rarely shoot more than 6-7 balls a second, and the cheapest agitated hopper will be more than sufficient.
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7. Grips

Grips are the covering over your handle. They do not affect performance and are only designed for looks and comfort. Many low-end guns come with plastic grips that become uncomfortable after extended use, so if you are going to be playing with your low-end gun for long periods, you may want something a little nicer.
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