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How to be a Paintball Sniper


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How to be a Paintball Sniper
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The key to being a sniper is to position yourself in such a way that you have a shot on the opposing team without them seeing you or being able to quickly return fire. When you hide, lay low and use your surroundings (bushes, trees, grass, rocks, etc.) to your advantage, and make sure that as little of your body and gun is left visible as possible. If it's a sunny day, take advantage of the shadows (they'll help you hide and keep you cool). A good hiding spot will make the difference between success and a quick trip back to the dead zone.

Forward Sniper

Position yourself so that you have a good view of the trail that you expect the opposing team will come down. Ideally, you will be able to see your opponents as they approach but they will not have a good shot at you. If possible, position yourself in such a way that the opposing team will actually have passed your position before you have a shot at them.

Rear Sniper

Don't hide directly behind the flag. Position yourself to one side or at an angle so that any opposing player who advances towards the flag must pass between you and the flag rather than forcing you to shoot past the flag towards a player. If the cover and terrain allow it, hide to the side of the flag so that you have a direct shot on the flag but the only shot the enemy has on you is a direct frontal assault.

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