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Things Not To Do in Paintball


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The competitive sport of paintball has countless facets that you can work on to improve, there are somethings you can simply avoid doing to become a better paintball player.

1. Don't Over Shoot

It's simple - don't shoot people more than is necessary. One hit gets someone out, a second one might be justified in case the first one bounces. Sometimes you might accidentally hit someone a few times too many, but that should be the exception or because the player is slow to call himself out. If you regularly hit an opposing player with 3 or more shots, you need to slow down your firing or become more confident in your aim. If you regularly over shoot, it's your problem - go fix it.

2. Don't Wipe

It can be frustrating when you get hit, especially early in a game. But, the whole point of paintball is to tag and get tagged. If you wipe, you have effectively ruined the whole point of the game. If you really want to play a game without the risk of losing, go play a video game in God Mode or take up playing basketball against six-year-olds.

3. Don't Shoot Hot

Nobody likes to get hit with a paintball that's going too fast. There's a thin line of only a few feet per second between a small welt that hurts for a few minutes and a deep bruise that lasts for weeks. Don't cross that line. Don't even get close to that line.

4. Don't Treat Pickup Games Like Tournaments

If you're good, go out and play like it. Once the game is over, though, let it go. There's no need to curse and swear and make a scene when you lose in pickup game because it doesn't matter. If you have to keep score, no matter what, take to a therapist.

5. Don't Break the "Little Rules"

Paintball is more fun when people follow the rules. All of the rules. That means it's not okay to go just a little bit out of bounds, it's not okay to blind fire just a few times and it's not okay to remove your mask when it fogs. Following the rules makes the game safer and more fun for everyone.

6. Don't Take Off Your Mask On The Field

This should go without saying. The beginning to a good game of paintball is a safe game of paintball. Keep your mask on when it belongs on your face.
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