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What Can Go Wrong in a Paintball Game?


Stories about paintball almost always tell about games that went right. This means that thousands of variables just happened to go in a way that led to the storyteller’s victory. In practice, most games do not go ideally for players. In fact, a single game is really ideal for any player, let alone, for many players. There are literally countless things that can go wrong in a paintball game, here are a few.

One of the most frustrating things they can go wrong in a paintball game happens right at the beginning, and that’s getting hit on the break. The “break” is the. Right after the game begins. During this time, particularly on small fields, players shoot rapidly at each other from across the field. In many games, nobody is hit, but it is not uncommon for players eliminated literally in the first few seconds of the game. If this happens to you, that is a bad thing.

Following an early elimination, the most annoying thing, in my mind, is having equipment failure on the field. This can take the place of the gun getting jammed, paintballs breaking in your barrel, batteries dying, or any other of the hundreds of things that can go wrong with paintball equipment. Sometimes this will happen right at the beginning again, and sometimes it will wait until the end of the game right we were about to shoot the last player on the opposing team. In any case, it is something that is very wrong and should be avoided. Some players go so far as to take a backup paintball gun on the field with them, such as a paintball handgun that carries a few rounds and is run with 12g CO2 tanks. While I generally don’t go this far, I do check that my gun is working before each and every game. I still have a vivid memory of playing a large game, sneaking up on a group of unsuspecting opponents, and my hopper stopped feeding.

Another thing that can go wrong during a paintball game is when your strategy falls apart. But say, for example, that you are doing a strong side attack with three teammates, and right at the beginning, your front two players are eliminated. At this point, what you do? You can press forward with a weakened force, returned in your face, or simply stay where you are and wait for your opponents to find you. Needless to say, this is a less than ideal situation. Breakdowns and strategy, though, happen regularly, and it is something that you must learn to plan for.

One other thing that can go wrong during a paintball team is for your mask to fog. I highly recommend thermal masks, which are much less likely to fog, but even those masks can fog if the conditions are correct. Very few things are more frustrating than not being able to see. When your mask fogs, you often are blind to your surroundings and end up huddling behind cover, waiting to be eliminated.

There are many, many other things that can go wrong during a paintball game. One of the fun things about paintball, is that you always have a chance to learn more, including what can go wrong. So for all the stories about what has gone right and again, they’re even more stories about what has gone wrong. In fact, some of my favorite stories, are the stories about the games that just went poorly. While not very funny in the moment, they are hilarious to recount later.

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