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Strategy / Tactics

To compete in paintball you must be able to adapt to different fields, different terrains, different bunker arrangements and different play from opponents. Some basic strategies and tactics will guide you in different situations and help you play paintball competitively.
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The Slow Wolf Paintball Strategy
Sometimes you need to break away on your own to win the game for your team. Do you have what it takes to play the Slow Wolf?

Tips to Practice Paintball
Becoming good at anything requires practice and paintball is no exception. Here are some basic tips to help you practice your paintball.

Team Paintball Practice
Paintball is a team sport and if you want your team to do well, you need to practice as a team. Here are some things that you can do as a team to improve your paintball skills.

Things Not To Do in Paintball
The competitive sport of paintball has countless facets that you can work on to improve, there are somethings you can simply avoid doing to become a better paintball player.

Ten Paintball Tips and Tricks
There are many tips that can improve your game of piantball that don't require massive amounts of money or new equipment. Each of these ten tips can be used to improve your game without costing any more than you already spend.

How To Play Paintball Without a Gun
An underrated aspects of paintball is the element of playing without a gun. Sure, everyone loves to shoot paintballs and be the hero, but there are times when no paintball gun is necessary to enjoy the sport. Here are three ways you can be involved without relying on your gun.

The Run-Through
When you're down players late in a game, sometimes all you can do is risk victory and try to make a mad dash to glory.

How to Move
Whether it's woodsball or speedball, the key to victory in almost any paintball situation is to out maneuver your opponent. The best equipment in the world won't win you a game if you're out played with better timed movement and superior strategies.

How to be a Paintball Sniper
Paintball snipers don't require massive amounts of specialized equipment, just a good sense of where to hide and when to shoot.

How to do a Strong Side Attack
Step by step instructions on how to do a strong side attack.

How to Leapfrog
Leapfrogging is a basic team movement where two or more players take turns advancing while always being covered by another member of their team.

Shooting Positions
In paintball you must be able to shoot accurately while running, standing, crouching, kneeling, sitting and laying. Each position requires slightly different technique, but with practice, you can become proficient from any position on the field.

Practice Paintball Alone
Just as the best basketball players spend hours alone in the gym, to fully develop your technique at paintball you need to invest some time alone.

Woodsball Positions
Special Ops Paintball's description of different positions you can play in woodsball.

Playing the Lone Wolf
Some paintball players have a personal need to get out and play by themselves. While the Lone Wolf strategy is rarely successful, it can be entertaining and, sometimes, it may even be the right strategy to use.

Basic Paintball Strategy: Identifying Other Players on the Field
The key to winning at paintball is to identify the opposing players so you can develop effective strategies to approach and eliminate them. Here are some basic ways to learn how to identify where other players are on the field.

Basic Paintball Strategy: Deception
Paintball strategy is more than just positioning players on the field. You also must fool your opponents.

Strong Side Fake
One paintball strategy is designed to throw you opponents off guard so you can set them up for a rear attack. It doesn't work on all fields but with the right field and the right teammates, it can be a devastating strategy.

One Man Left
A fun part of paintball is that the number of people playing constantly changes as players from both teams are eliminated. As you get down to the last man on the field, the strategy to win drastically changes as you must switch to survival mode.

One Man Left
A fun part of paintball is that the number of people playing constantly changes as players from both teams are eliminated. As you get down to the last man on the field, the strategy to win drastically changes as you must switch to survival mode.

Playing Paintball on Your Stomach
It's very common in paintball to end up on your stomach as you try to move or hide. Learn what to do once you end up there.

What's the Most Accurate Way to Shoot a Paintball Gun?
Not every shooting position is created equal. Some help you shoot more accurately while others are easier.

What's the Difference between Paintball Strategy and Paintball Tactics?
You hear people talk about paintball strategy and paintball tactics, but are they the same thing?

The Most Risky Move in Paintball
Some moves have high risk and high reward. In paintball, one stands out as the riskiest.

How to Play Paintball when You Don't Know Where Other Players Are
Getting lost on the paintball field is never the goal, but you can always work your way out of it.

Paintball Stalemate
Sometimes games just slow down when players can't move without getting shot. Learn what you can do when you reach a stalemate.

What Can Go Wrong in a Paintball Game?
Paintball games are so varied that literally anything can go wrong during one. Here are some things you want to avoid.

What to do on the Break in Paintball
The start of every paintball game includes a mad dash to gain position on the field. Learn what you need to do to maximize your break.

Paintball Ambush
An ambush can be a great way to quickly eliminate a large portion of the opposing team.

Multi-Team Paintball
Paintball is generally played with two teams, but it can be played with more.

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