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Basic Speedball Field Setup


Basic Speedball Field Setup
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Speedball fields can be setup in many different ways, but most fields are a variation on a common theme. The field is typically rectangular, about 50-60 yards long, and 30-40 yards wide. The field is flat and different heights of stationary bunkers are scattered throughout. A few easy steps will help you create an ideal speedball field.

Field Location

Speedball fields should ideally be located on flat ground that is relatively clear of holes, rocks and brush. Locate an area that is either far away from passing cars and pedestrians or else plan to hang netting around your field. Look for an area that is easily accessible from a road and doesn't have to be taken down at the end of the day.


Bunkers can be made of countless different materials and most work comparably. Professional, inflatable bunkers work well, but plywood boards, wooden pallets, tires, wooden spools and even old washers and dryers can be used. Make sure that the bunkers are stationary and will not get knocked over by incidental contact with a player. It is not necessary to cement bunkers into place.

Bunker Placement

Place a small bunker or post at the back center of each field where each team will start. The rest of the field can be setup as desired, but remember to avoid over-crowding the field and to place the bunkers as symmetrically as possible. Make sure that the center of the field is fairly open so that many shooting lanes are available and players have a clear path to run for several yards at a time. Typically, a few, taller bunkers are placed in the middle of the field while many, smaller bunkers are placed on the sides.


Have fun with your field design. It's not necessary to copy other fields' designs, so experiment with different setups and see what works for you. Different bunker placements will constantly force you to come up with new strategies to beat the opposing team, so the more you experiment with your setups, the more you'll learn.
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