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What is speedball?


What is speedball?
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Question: What is speedball?
Answer: Speedball is a variation of paintball that is played on small, flat fields, and as its name suggests, the pace of the game is very quick. Players are in much closer proximity to each other at the start of games and the only barriers on the field are man-made bunkers. Stealth is not as important as teamwork, timing, accurate shooting and fast-paced strategies. The objective of speedball is similar to other paintball games, with the goal to eliminate the other team or capture a flag and return it to your base. Speedball is intended for people who like to run, dive, slide, shoot fast, play hard and play quick games.

Due to the extreme pace of the game, most speedball matches last just a few minutes. Despite the short length, a player may shoot many hundreds of paintballs in a single game.

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