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Is it Illegal to Shoot Paintballs from Cars?


It is a relatively common occurrence to hear stories about people driving around and shooting paintballs out the passenger seat window while cruising around the city. It's also very common for people to think about it before wisely deciding against it. The question often arises, though, is this a legal activity? The short answer, as is often the case, it depends.

First off, shooting paintballs from a car is unsafe. It should not be done. When you shoot while driving you have limited accuracy and the paintballs will not go where you intend once you fire due to the speed of the car and the wind effect. Additionally, and more importantly, it is unsafe because people outside the vehicle are not wearing masks. Before firing a paintball gun the shooter and all other people in the vicinity need to be wearing masks. Even if the shooter is wearing a mask, it is very unlikely that people outside the vehicle will be wearing a mask. Further, it is unlikely that the driver will be wearing a mask. If, by chance, the driver is wearing a mask, then they are driving unsafely because they are limiting their peripheral vision. To repeat, shooting a paintball from a car should never be done.

The safety aspect of firing while driving is known, but the question is not whether you should shoot from a car (you shouldn't), but whether it is illegal. This question, unfortunately, may be asked by many people after they have already fired a paintball gun from a moving car or seen someone else doing so. The discussion about whether it is illegal or not is a little bit complicated, but the simple answer, as mentioned earlier, is that it depends on the situation.

Traffic laws are generally state or local laws. Thus, whether or not firing the gun from a moving vehicle will vary by state and city. The fastest way to answer this question is to contact your local police and ask them whether this is illegal. Unfortunately, the police may or may not have a quick answer to your question.

The difficultly in answering this question is because many cities do not have specific laws about firing air-powered guns from a moving vehicle. While most areas have rules about firing firearms from vehicles, most do not specifically discuss air guns. Whether or not it is illegal, then, depends on a host of other factors including what is being shot at and where you are shooting.

If you are shooting someone who is not actively playing paintball (including friends who do not want to be shot and strangers on the street), then firing the gun is illegal and could constitute assault. If you hit someone then it could constitute battery. Both of these are crimes and could lead you to jail. Do not shoot people who are not playing paintball with you and wearing appropriate safety equipment.

Alternatively, if you shoot private property, this could be considered vandalism. While paintball is quite safe and doesn't really hurt people, it can cause property damage. It is fine to shoot at your own property with paintball guns (not recommended, but legal), but do not shoot other people's property.

Finally, shooting at the ground or trees may also be illegal, depending on your state or city. This is because it could be considered either vandalism or littering. While paintball paint generally washes off with a rain or two, that does not mean that it isn't litter. It's better to not shoot the road or trees.

When, then, could shooting a paintball from a car actually be legal? The major time when shooting paintball from a car could be considered legal (still not safe, but legal), is when you are driving on private property. If you are driving around on land that you own or have permission to be on, then you, as a property owner, have certain rights including the ability to shoot your own property. There still may be local laws that involve shooting from a moving vehicle that make this illegal, but in many locales this will not violate the law. It is still not recommended, but this may be a legal way to shoot from a car.

In summary, it is never a good idea to shoot from a moving vehicle. In most cases it is illegal and in all cases it is unsafe.

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