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Is it Illegal to Shoot Cars with Paintball Guns?


Question: Is it Illegal to Shoot Cars with Paintball Guns?
Answer: Generally, it is illegal to shoot cars with paintball guns. As with all vandalism, shooting private property without the permission of the owner is a crime. While it is theoretically legal to shoot cars that people have given you permission to shoot, I would generally recommend only shooting cars that are used as bunkers on paintball fields.

Penalties for shooting cars vary widely by municipality, but if you are caught committing vandalism you will almost always receive community service, have to pay for any damage caused and, in some cases, even be put in jail or juvenile detention.

Paintball guns are meant to be used in a specific, safe way and shooting at random cars is definitely not an appropriate way to use them. If you see someone shooting a paintball gun at cars, houses or at people in public, alert the police.

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