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Sly Profit Paintball Mask Review

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Sly Profit Paintball Mask Review
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The Bottom Line

The Sly Profit is a comfortable, low-profile mask that is perfectly suited for the tournament player. While its price will drive off the casual player, the quality will please the most demanding tournament player.
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  • Low profile and compact
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Thermal lens


  • Won't fit big faces
  • Kind of pricey
  • No visor


  • High-end paintball mask for the tournament player
  • Comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, camouflage, red, silver and white
  • Typically available for about $90
  • Comes with a very nice carrying bag
  • Manufacturer's Website

Guide Review - Sly Profit Paintball Mask Review


The Sly Profit is a class-looking mask with a focus on comfort while limiting size. Its target audience is the tournament crowd that loves low-profile masks to limit the chance of getting hit while peaking around a bunker, and Sly has elected to forego a visor and make the height and width of the mask as small as possible. Sly put two straps to help stabilize the mask during fast movement and it has a quick-change thermal lenses. The mask comes in a variety of bright colors that will cater to the tournament player but also comes in black and camouflage.

Performance and Use

First off, the Profit is a very comfortable mask. I was originally skeptical about the need for two straps, but I was very pleased with how comfortable the two straps are and how well they do at keeping the mask on tight. Now I wonder why every other high-end mask mask doesn't include two straps. The mask initially felt slightly snug on the ears, but that keeps its size down and I quickly became accustomed to it - the padding around the ears, though, is very comfortable and will be nice after getting hit on the side of the head. The lenses provide nice peripheral vision though I would prefer that the nose covering to be a little smaller to increase visibility in the center of the lens. While holding the goggles they seem slightly heavier than some other brands, but I didn’t notice the weight while wearing them. Removing the lenses was very easy and, more importantly, reinstalling them was just as simple - just twist and pop open the tabs on the inside of the ears and pull out the straps and the lens slides right out. The lenses are also a magnet for fingerprints and oil, so make sure you have a microfiber to clean things up.

Potential Problems

The mask is designed to be low profile and snugly fit the contours of an average face - if you have a long face or a pronounced jawline, the lower portion of your face won’t be covered. No matter what you do, your forehead will also be uncovered to a certain degree, so you may want to wear a hat. With the lack of visor, you’ll really need to rely on the tinted lenses, but that makes low-light play more difficult, so plan on calling it a day before dusk. If you get a new mask and your vision seems kind of blurry, remember to take off the protective plastic on the inside of the lenses.

Reviewer’s Note
This mask was provided for testing purposes by ANSgear.com

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