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Viewloader Quantum

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Viewloader Quantum
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The Bottom Line

While the low price might be tempting when you decide to try out an agitated hopper, be sure to pass on the Quantum and save up for anything that is not continuously agitated. Viewloader makes many great loaders but this is not one of them and you should avoid it.
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  • Inexpensive
  • Very easy to operate
  • Clear lid lets you see how many paintballs are remaining


  • Continuous agitation is obnoxious
  • Tendency to break paintballs
  • Continuous operation quickly drains batteries


  • Entry-level agitated hopper
  • Runs on one 9-volt battery
  • Rated at 8 bps feedrate
  • Holds 140 paintballs
  • Found at many paintball shops and large retailers (like Wal-Mart)
  • Manufacturer's Site

Guide Review - Viewloader Quantum


The Viewloader Quantum is an attractively designed, entry level agitated hopper. It is very simply laid out with the batteries and motor in the rear by the shooter and the balls are fed through the front. The hopper shell is either clear or has a clear lid so you can easily see how many paintballs you have left and it is run by one 9-volt battery.


The Viewloader Quantum is very easy to setup and use, but it has one large problem - it continually agitates until you turn it off. The reason for an agitated loader is to agitate the paintballs whenever they form a bridge over the feed hole. While a continually agitating hopper prevents any such bridges from forming, the repetitive noise is obnoxious and there is the risk of the agitation actually breaking your paintballs. When you are continuously firing, there's no real problem, but when you are not firing it's a pain to have to turn your hopper on and off again. If you use somewhat brittle paint, there is the risk of the Quantum acting quite literally like a blender where one paintball breaks which leads to basically your whole hopper turning into paintball soup (which then is a very large pain to clean up).

Overall, I would honestly prefer to play a game with a basic gravity fed hopper rather than use the Quantum. For a much better agitated loader, check out the Viewloader Revolution.

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