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Empire Reloader II

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Empire Reloader II
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The Bottom Line

The Empire Reloader II is a sound-activated agitated hopper that does a good job of getting paintballs where the need to be. It is not as fast as a force-fed hopper but it is a cheaper and easier to use.
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  • Cheaper than force-fed hoppers
  • Sound activation is reliable and consistent
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Costs more than other agitated hoppers
  • Feedneck is on the large side
  • Does not work well with very quiet guns


  • Sound-activated agitated Hopper
  • Feeds up to 12 balls per second
  • Runs on two 9-volt batteries
  • Manufacturer's Site

Guide Review - Empire Reloader II


The Empire Reloader II is a simple loader with the battery pack and motor on the rear of the hopper facing the shooter. It requires two 9-volt batteries to run. An agitated hopper exists to make sure paintballs don't form a bridge over the feed hole and the Reloader II accomplishes this by rotating every time the gun fires (it reacts to the sound of firing). I personally think that its sleek shape makes it the best looking agitated hopper available.


The setup of the Empire Reloader II is simple and straightforward - there's really nothing to do wrong but put the batteries in backwards. After that, all you have to do is put it in your gun's feedneck and start firing.

While using the Empire Reloader II, I have had no problems or issues as long as I'm using a gun that isn't whisper quiet. With almost any blowback and even most electronic guns the hopper recognizes each shot and rotates enough to make sure paintballs are being fed and it does a great job of keeping the paint coming. The dual battery setup means you always will have enough power to even agitate a whole hopper of paint, but it does raise your operating costs as two batteries seem to last about as long as an agitated hopper with just one 9-volt.

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