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Monster Balls Paintballs

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Monster Balls Paintballs
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The Bottom Line

Monster Balls are inexpensive, readily available and work better than many other discount brands of paint, but do not compare to high-end paint. While I wouldn't recommend taking this to a tournament or using it with any high-end marker, it isn't bad for a day in the woods with lower-end mechanical markers. If price is your primary concern, Monster Balls are not a bad choice


  • Cheap
  • Readily available at large retail stores (like Wal-Mart) and sporting goods stores
  • Breaks on target more often than many other low-end paints


  • Not uniformly shaped
  • Fill is not very bright
  • Bags sometimes come with broken paint
  • Paint is often already old when it is purchased
  • Occasionally breaks in the chamber or barrel of the gun


  • Lower-end paint with a lower-end price tag
  • Metallic blue shell and pale yellow fill
  • Fill is somewhat thin

Guide Review - Monster Balls Paintballs

Packaging and Appearance

Monster Balls Paintballs come in boxes (cardboard and plastic) of 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 balls, the larger boxes divided into bags of 500. There is no separation between the bags of paint inside the box and the bags lay on top of each other. Whether it's due to insufficient packaging or careless shipping, I'm not sure, but I have found that about one bag of paint in eight has a broken ball in it; and while the other paintballs can be cleaned with paper towels, they can also become warped. I have not had any problem shooting cleaned paintballs that were in the same bag as a broken ball with lower-end guns. Unfortunately, when you buy any paint from a large store it has often spent long periods in a warehouse and is getting old before it is put on the shelf.

Shell and Fill

All Monster Balls Paintballs have a metallic blue shell and a pale yellow fill or a glossy green shell with a light green fill. The balls are rarely perfectly round, but they are usually close. A seam is often visible between the two halves of the shell, and it is quite common to find a few dimpled or oval-shaped paintballs. The shell is also slightly harder than would be desirable, causing balls to occasionally bounce off targets. The fill is somewhat thin and is easy to clean (and to wipe), but it does not show up well on darker colors (especially black).

Shooting and Accuracy

Monster Balls' performance is comparable to other lower-end paints. Through a good barrel, they are accurate to forty feet or beyond and usually break on target. Occasionally, a dimpled or warped ball will shoot very far off target. They don't seem to break in a clean barrel more often than other paint, though they do seem to break in the chamber a little more often. They do not shoot well through high-end guns as their inconsistent size causes balls to break in the chamber or not even fit into the chamber.

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