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Where to Buy Paintballs


Where to Buy Paintballs
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Question: Where to Buy Paintballs
Answer: There are a four primary places to buy paintballs: from a paintball field, a paintball store, a large retailer or online.

Paintball Field

Practically all paintball fields sell paintballs and many require that you purchase the paintballs that you shoot from the specific field. While paintballs at fields are typically a decent quality paintball, they often cost more than other paintballs, too.

Paintball Store

Paintball stores are a good place to find a variety of paintballs as they usually carry a broad range of colors and brands. While their prices are not the lowest, they are typically cheaper than at a field.

Large Retailers

Large retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target usually carry a limited range of paintballs. While the quality is typically pretty low, the prices are also rock bottom. You generally won't find a lower quality or lower priced ball anywhere else.

Online Retailers

Online retailers carry the largest selection of paintball brands and have competitive rates. Their largest disadvantage is that shipping costs can considerably increase the final cost of the paintballs. Additionally, if you buy online you need to plan in advance so that you have enough to play with as you can't pick up a quick case.
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