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The invention of paintballs led to the invention of paintball, but not all paintballs are created equal. Learn what the differences are between high-end and low-end paint, and learn what paint is right for you.
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Caliber of Paintballs
Paintballs come in a variety of sizes, though one size is most common.

What to Look For In Paintballs
A good paintball will be perfectly round, have no visible line between the halves of the shell and be free of dimples or any misshaping.

How To Do the Drop Test
Perform the drop test to determine if your paintballs are either too hard or too brittle.

Where to Buy Paintballs
Learn the best places to buy paintballs.

HydroTec Paintballs Information
Learn about the new HydroTec Paintballs

Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt?
Many stories are told that frozen paintballs can cause severe pain and damage. Others say this is a myth. Learn the truth.

Do Paintballs Freeze?
Long-standing rumors say that putting paintballs in the freezer will make them harder and shoot farther. Learn whether this myth is based on fact or fiction.

How to Store Paintballs
To maximize the life of your paintballs they must be stored properly.

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