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Barrel Socks and Barrel Plugs


Barrel Sock
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Paintball guns can be dangerous. They shoot projectiles over 200 miles an hour and can fire over a dozen balls per second. Of course, all they usually leave is a bruise, so there's nothing really that dangerous about them - as long as you don't shoot someone in the eye.

The simplest way to keep serious paintball injuries from happening is to wear proper protection. Paintball masks are designed to keep your eyes, nose, ears and mouth safe from paintballs, thus basically eliminating any chance of severe injury. But what about when people take their masks off?

Proper paintball safety requires players to use a barrel plug or barrel sock whenever masks are off. It's not that hard - when the game is over, everyone needs to simply put on their barrel protection before masks are removed. If everyone did this and people didn't mess around with their guns in the staging area without any protection, basically all severe paintball injuries could be avoided.

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