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While you only need a gun, a tank and a mask to play paintball, there are countless accessories that can improve your shot, help you hide, or simply make you look like a real commando. But be warned, not everything is actually worth the investment. Learn what is a must-have and what you should avoid.
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Can Paintball Masks be used for Airsoft?
Paintball masks are more durable than airsoft masks and thus can be used for the sport of airsoft.

Pocket Chrongraph
A chronograph is a small device used to measure how fast a paintball is shot from a paintball gun.

Things Your Instruction Manual Doesn't Mention
Paintball gear is intended for the sport of paintball, but that doesn't mean there's nothing else it can be used for. Here are just a few of the legitimate things paintball equipment can be used for.

What is a Paintball Microfiber Cloth?
A microfiber cloth is a piece of fabric made of thousands of very tiny threads that is very adept at cleaning oil off of surfaces. In paintball, microfiber cloths are commonly used to clean paint and splatter off of goggles. The tiny threads are very good at removing the oily residue left by the paint and virtually eliminate the smears oily...

Paintball Christmas Gift Guide
Looking outside is quick to remind us of the cold weather many of us enjoy around the end of December. While this inclement weather typically means that paintball guns are stored and air tanks are empty, it doesn't mean that a paintballer's heart isn't outside on the field. To help your paintballer pass the time to spring, here's About.com's...

Tools to Fix Paintball Guns
Paintball guns sometimes break and it's a good idea to go to the field with some tools so you can get yours shooting pretty if there's a problem. You don't need to bring you whole workshop, but a few tools will always come in handy.

O-Ring Replacement
O-rings are used in paintball guns to seal off spaces, ensuring that air does not leak from the gun and periodically need to be replaced.

Barrel Socks and Barrel Plugs
Proper paintball safety requires players to use a barrel plug or barrel sock whenever masks are off. It's not that hard - when the game is over, everyone needs to simply put on their barrel protection before masks are removed.

Paintball Christmas Wish List 2007
Need a gift idea for a special paintballer? Here's the 2007 Paintball Christmas Wish List.

How to Clean a Mask
Whether it's some splatter from a near hit or a full-on hit to the face, you need to get your mask back into top shape so you can get back in the game. While you can simply run a rag over the paint, to really get your mask clean you need to take a little more time and follow some simple steps.

Barrel Basics
A brief description and important information about paintball barrels.

How to Keep Your Mask From Fogging
Three ways to keep your mask from fogging

What Size of O-Ring For Paintball?
Paintball guns have many different size of o-rings, but size 015 is standard on almost all tanks and is used in many guns. The 015 o-ring has a 9/16th internal diameter and 11/16th external diameter and is commonly available at hardware stores and any store that sells paintball equipment.

What to Look for in a Mask
Paintball Mask Basics

Special Ops Paintball
Manufacturer of many paintball accessories and paintball clothing.

Review of Dental Picks
A handy tool that is used all the time.

Paintball Batteries
If you want to compete in the top levels of paintball, batteries are a necessity.

Paintball Grenades
Paintball grenades are a fun addition to paintball games.

Paintball Upgrades
There are just a few basic pieces of paintball equipment but each one can be upgraded.

Clean Out and Organize Your Paintball Gear Bag
It's amazing how fast a gear bag can get so full that there's no room for your gun or mask. Here are a few tips to clean out and organize your paintball gear bag.

Where to Store Paintball Equipment
Keeping your paintball gear in order can be a challenge when you don't know where to store it.

Paintball Landmines
Landmines may not be ideal for every form of paintball, but they have their role in certain games.

Paintball and Airsoft
Paintball and airsoft are similar, but also very different.

Paintball Gun Case
Paintball guns and markers can be transported many ways, including in specially designed cases.

Paintball Goggles
Paintball goggles and masks are necessary to protect your eyes. Is there a difference between the two?

Paintball Goggles
Paintball goggles, also known as a paintball mask, are the most important piece of equipment you take on the field.

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