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Best Cheap Paintball Guns That Cost Less Than $100

Cheap Guns That Still Peform


Paintball guns can cost hundreds of dollars, but you don't need to spend that kind of money to find a reliable gun. Here are some of the best deals you can commonly find for less than $100. All of the guns included on this list are semi-automatic, mechanical, blow-back guns. If you are willing to spend a little bit more, check out the top guns that cost less than $150.

1. Azodin Kaos

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The Kaos is easy to use, quick and accurate. Its trigger pull is so nice that you sometimes forget you're shooting a mechanical paintball gun.

2. US Army Alpha Black

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The US Army Alpha Black is manufactured by Tippmann and is designed to take a beating and keep on performing. This paintball gun is simple, reliable and durable. The Alpha Black is commonly available for just less than $100.

3. Spyder Xtra

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Spyder does a great job with its entry-level paintball guns and the Xtra is a great example. It comes with a drop forward, expansion chamber and easy-out bolt. It shoots well and is very easy to maintain. The Xtra can be found for around $80.

4. Piranha GTI/GTI+

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The Piranha GTI is an entry-level marker that packs quite a punch for its price. It comes with a gas-through foregrip, a flush-cocking bolt and a clamping feedneck (which is very range in this price range). GTIs are very easy to maintainand cost around $70.

5. Spyder Sonix

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One step below the Xtra in features and price, the Sonix comes with an easy-out bolt and metal foregrip. It is very easy to maintain and performs very well considering it can be found for less than $70.

6. Spyder Victor

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The Victor is the base model in Kingman's Spyder lineup but still comes with a bottom line and easy-out bolt. It is incredibly simple to use and maintain and costs less than $60.

7. Stryker STR-1

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The Stryker is a basic gun but it performs well and is very comfortable to hold. I find it more stylish than many guns in this price range and its performance is decent. It comes in a kit with a hopper and single-use CO2 tank for around $80.

8. Spyder MR1

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The MR1 is Spyder's entry-level woodsball marker with a tactical rail and stock. It is designed to be customized yet is still easy to be cared for and maintained. It commonly is found for just less than $100.
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9. WGP Autococker Trilogy

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The Trilogy is WGP's entry-level paintball gun intended to fly on the coattails of the legendary autococker line of paintball guns. While the Trilogy doesn't warrant comparison to the "true" autocockers, it does hold its own as an entry-level gun costing less than $80 or as a package with a CO2 tank, mask and hopper for around $140. As far as I know the Trilogy is no longer being produced but it is still very commonly available and WGP continues to offer support for it.
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10. Discontinued Guns

There are many older models that are no longer being produced that are still commonly available for less than $100. These guns, though, are typically harder to find and therefore are not listed.

11. Used Guns

Many high-quality used guns are also available for less than $100. If you look hard, you can often find a great deal.
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