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How Much Does a Good Paintball Gun Cost?


Question: How Much Does a Good Paintball Gun Cost?
Answer: It all depends on your definition of a "good paintball gun". A very top of the line paintball gun could cost up to $1,500 and when you add a top of the line compressed air tank and loader, you could spend $2,000 for your gear.

In general, if you want to buy a new, high-end paintball gun, you should plan on spending about $1,000 when you factor in the cost of a loader and an air tank. If you want to spend less, consider getting a previous year's model or a used gun. Many teams use their high-end guns for one year and then sell them before the next season.

If, though, you simply want a higher-end paintball gun that will allow you to compete with anyone, you can probably find one for around $300. The differences between guns that cost over $300 are minimal and you end up spending many hundreds of dollars for very slight performance improvements.

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