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What is Paintball Ramping?


Question: What is Paintball Ramping?
Answer: Ramping is a firing mode in paintball that allows for a rate of fire that is higher than one trigger pull per shot. With ramping, a player will begin to fire a paintball gun as if it were in semi-auto mode (one shot per trigger pull) but after a specified number of shots (often 3-5), the paintball gun will begin to slowly increase the rate of fire while the rate of pulling the trigger remains constant. The required rate of fire to begin ramping and the maximum rate of fire while ramping vary depending on the circuit board used in the gun.


For example, a gun may require two seconds of shooting at least four balls per second to begin ramping. A player will begin to fire and after shooting 8 balls over two seconds (four balls per second X 2 seconds) the paintball gun will begin to increase the rate of fire. The player will continue to pull the trigger four times per second but over the next few seconds the gun will increase the rate of firing (the ramping) as long as the player maintains the four-trigger pulls for second. On some guns, this may mean that the player is able to shoot up to 20 (or more) balls per second while only pulling the trigger four times per second.

Warning about Ramping

Ramping is not allowed on many fields or in many tournaments. Be sure to check with your local field or read tournament rules before playing with ramping.

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