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Reliable Paintball Guns

The Guns That Are Just Plain Reliable

By Megan Muhlestein

How long can you go without tuning up your paintball gun? It really shouldn’t be a question, but, let’s face it: the average player isn’t going to dote on their marker after every game. The following are guns that keep working for you, with minimal upkeep. They will continue to work despite exposure to cold and hot extremes in weather, paint breaks on the interior and exterior and just the normal wear on springs, o-rings and bolts that will happen with years of playing. In the years that I have been renting out paintball guns, here are some of the guns that have proven to be the most durable.

PCS US-5: The Pursuit Combat System US-5 is a tough gun designed for hard play. It is very adaptable to different playing styles with an adjustable foregrip and a top-mounted sight. This gun works perfectly for woodsball play and can be easily used by both beginning and intermediate players. It is heavy enough to feel sturdy, yet light enough to be used by younger players, or those who want more maneuverability.

Viewloader Lancer: This gun is no longer produced, but even a used one will serve you well. What is amazing about this gun is while it is incredibly basic, light, with simple engineering, it will continue to shoot consistently for years with very little TLC. Literally, years. At times the pin will work its way out of the bolt, but can easily be pushed back down. This is just an effect of the easy release pin that makes for super easy maintenance if needed. Though, in working with these guns, maintenance will rarely be needed. Because this gun is red in color, some may say it would work better for speedball, but with good enough cover the color should not be an issue.

Viewloader Crusader: This gun is also no longer produced. It is very similar to the Lancer, and has basically the same features. Again, it is surprising that such a simple gun can be so reliable and long-lived. As with the Lancer, the Crusader is a bright color -blue- but will work for speedball or woodsball with proper play techniques.

Tippman 98: Custom: Known for its reliability and toughness, the Tippmann 98 Custom is a great paintball gun or the beginning to intermediate player. Its forward stock allows for a comfortable feel while still allowing multiple rounds per second to be shot. This gun just feels incredibly sturdy, even at first inspection. It has great manufacturing and really does last and last. It is a great gun for woodsballers of all ages and experience levels.

BT-4: Similar to the Tippman 98, this is an extremely sturdy gun that is built well and well last with very little maintenance. If maintenance is needed, it does have a feedneck that will slide back with a press of a button. This gun is on the heavy side, but not many have complained that it is too heavy. This is just a sign of good construction and materials. Many reviewers say that an upgraded barrel is a definitely must for accuracy.

Remember, even a quick gun cleaning after each game will go a long way. Though many guns will last a long time without regular maintenance, they will last much longer with proper care. Treat your gun nicely, and it will return the favor during games.

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