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What gun do you need? How much are you willing to spend? What gets you the most bang for your buck? Guides, explanations, and buying tips.
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What is a Paintball Gun?
Many people have heard of paintball guns, but they don't really know what they are. Learn what this fascinating piece of equipment actually is.

The Paintball Gun That Costs the Most
Find out which paintball gun costs the most.

How to Rebuild a Paintball Gun
Step by step guide to rebuild a paintball gun.

Are Paintball Guns Deadly?
Find out if paintball guns are deadly.

Your Custom Guns
Many paintball guns are created with the intent of becoming customized to suit the individual users preferences. Share pictures of your customized gun and explain what modifications you've made.

Paintball Pistols
A paintball pistol is a variation on the common paintball gun but is smaller and more compact.

Buy a Paintball Gun
You've played paintball a few times with borrowed or rented equipment, and you've decided it's time to buy your first gun (marker). Now, though, you must decide which one to get. Before you start searching, ask yourself some basic questions which will direct your decision.

Double Triggers
A double trigger is an elongated trigger that allows two fingers to rest on the trigger and for either one to pull the trigger and fire the gun. They offer some advantages but whether to use one boils down to personal preference.

Is a Paintball Gun Really a Gun?
Ever wondered if a paintball gun is really a gun? It all depends on how you define it.

How To Change an O-Ring
A step by step tutorial to change a paintball o-ring complete with pictures and descriptions.

How Many Balls Per Second Can a Paintball Gun Shoot?
Despite claims floating around the internet to the contrary, paintball guns can rarely shoot above 20 balls per second. Paintball guns are able to cycle (fire without any paintballs) much faster, but the limiting rate of extremely fast paintball guns is how fast paintballs can be fed into the chamber and most hoppers can’t reliably load faster than the about 20 bps.

Top 10 Paintball Guns That Cost Less Than $150
Paintball guns that cost less than $150 are typically very capable paintball guns that are either the most basic version of higher-end guns or else pre-upgraded versions of lower-end guns. Either way, you'll find here an assortment of paintball guns that are very capable and will allow you to compete in a variety of competitions.

How Many Balls Per Second Can a Paintball Gun Shoot?
The simple answer is that it all depends on the situation. Generally, the rate of fire is ultimately limited only by how fast you can load paintballs into the chamber.

Accuracy - A Forgotten Art
When I play paintball, I rarely, if ever, get a one or two-shot kill. Whether it's the ease at firing off a quick 4-5 shots or if it's simply because I don't completely trust my accuracy, I'm really not sure. Either way, I no longer excel at the art of paintball accuracy.

Top 10 Paintball Guns That Cost Less Than $100
Paintball guns can cost hundreds of dollars, but you don't need to spend that kind of money to find a reliable gun. Here are some of the best deals you can commonly find for less than $100. All of the guns included on this list are semi-automatic, mechanical, blow-back guns.

The Most Influential Paintball Guns of All Time
I have owned and shot many different guns that were made in different eras and I definitely have some favorites and some guns that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. But this isn't about favorites, it's about influence and what guns have most affected the paintball industry.

Is Your Paintball Gun a Lemon?
The difference between a good gun and a shoddy gun often comes down to how well it was built. Typically, the engineering in a mass-marketed paintball gun is sound, but the factory that built the gun, especially for lower-end guns, might have been less concerned with precision and more concerned with cost. After shooting countless paintball guns I have found a few things that are usually indicative of a well-made gun.

How Much Does a Good Paintball Gun Cost?
While you could spend up to $2,000 on the most expensive paintball gun, in general, a new high-end paintball gun with an air tank and hopper will cost up to $1,000 dollars.

How to Chrono
If you are shooting too fast, paintballs can leave massive welts and bruises. If you are shooting too slow, paintballs won't break on your target. Either way, it pays to properly chrono your gun and shoot at the right speed.

O-Ring Replacement
O-rings are used in paintball guns to seal off spaces, ensuring that air does not leak from the gun and periodically need to be replaced.

What's a Venturi Bolt?
A paintball bolt is the part of a paintball gun that moves the ball forward into the chamber, seals off the chamber and then releases compressed gas to propel the paintball down the barrel. With a classic bolt, the air comes out of the bolt through a large hole and propels the ball forward. Venturi bolts were designed to dissipate the air and...

Paintball Gun Consistency
If you want paintball after paintball to land on top of each other at a distance you must fire each ball exactly the same. A few tricks can make a gun shoot very consistently.

Performance of High-End Guns
Despite what companies would like you to believe, most high-end guns all have similar performance and what actually differs is how the gun feels to the individual user.

Electronic Versus Mechanical Guns
The differences between electronic and mechanical guns, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Barrel Basics
A brief description and important information about paintball barrels.

Does A Paintball Gun Kick When You Shoot?
When a paintball gun is fired it typically does have a small kick. While most people think of a gun's kick as a large jolt that rocks your arms or your shoulder, a paintball gun's kick is more of a small vibration that is most evident by your barrel jumping slightly after you shoot. A softer kick is often associated with greater accuracy.

A Brief History of the Paintball Gun
Mary Bellis tells the history of the paintball gun and explains how a tool designed to mark trees gave rise to a new sport.

Paintball Guns on an Airplane
Learn the rules so you can safely take your paintball gear on an airplane.

What is Paintball Ramping?
Ramping is a firing mode for electronic paintball guns that allows for an increased rate of fire.

David's Favorite Paintball Guns
Not necessarily the "best" guns in the world, but these are some of my current favorite guns to shoot.

Paintball Luggage
Packing paintball gear can be a hassle. Getting the right hauling gear is a start.

Reliable Paintball Guns
Some of the most reliable paintball guns out there.

How to Fix Paintball Guns
Paintball guns are finicky pieces of equipment. They can be extremely reliable for years or have problems on a daily basis. Many problems are relatively common and can be fixed without too much effort.

How to Clean a Spyder-Clone
A basic description of how to clean a standard stacked-tube blowback paintball gun such as JTs, Piranhas and Azodin guns.

How to Clean a Spyder-Clone
A basic description of how to clean a standard stacked-tube blowback paintball gun such as JTs, Piranhas and Azodin guns.

Basic Steps To Care For and Maintain Your Paintball Gun
Paintball guns all need a little bit of maintenance to insure they continue to operate as they are intended. While each gun is a little bit different, there are some basic maintenance practices that apply to all paintball guns.

Older Paintball Guns
Some older paintball guns that are not currently in production. Many of these are still commonly available.

Paintball Gun Types
There's more than a little confusing regarding paintball guns and what types there are in the world. This is intended to help people understand differences between types of paintball guns.

Differences Between a Mechanical and an Electropneumatic Paintball Gun
Many new players know that there are differences between the beginner paintball gun they own and the more expensive guns they see at the field, but they don't know what these differences are. Learn the practical basics of how these guns differ.

How to Choose a Paintball Gun
Choosing a paintball gun doesn't have to be a challenge once you know where to start looking.

What is a Paintball Marker?
You've heard about the sport of paintball and you know it involves shooting paint-filled balls, but what, exactly is the marker people talk about? Is it the same as a gun?

Realisitc Paintball Guns that Look Like the Real Thing
Some paintball players like their paintball guns to look like real guns. Paintball guns will never be perfect replicas of real firearms, but some can seem like the real thing.

Differences Between a Real Gun and a Paintball Gun
Paintball guns are very different from firearms, though the two do have many things in common.

Are Paintball Guns Reliable?
Paintball guns seem like pretty basic things, so are they reliable?

What is the Best Paintball Gun?
People always debate which paintball guns is the best. There is a simple answer to that question.

What are Paintball Guns Made Out Of?
Paintball guns come in many varieties and are made out of a wide range of materials.

What Size of Paintball Gun is Right For You?
Paintball guns come in all shapes and sizes. What size of gun is right for you?

When were Paintball Guns Invented?
Learn about when paintball guns were first invented.

What can you do to fire your paintball gun faster?
There are a few things you can do to increase your rate of firing with your paintball gun.

Paintball Sniper Rifle
Paintball players that dream of being a sniper realize they need the right equipment. Learn what's important and what's not.

Paintball Lubricant
Paintball guns need to be properly lubricated to function.

The Ion Paintball Gun
Learn about the gun that transformed the industry.

How Far Can A Paintball Gun Shoot?
Paintball guns can shoot pretty far, but taking the long shot may not be the best idea.

What is a Paintball Marker?
A paintball marker is used to play the sport of paintball. Learn what this actually means.

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