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Who is Paintball For?


Who is Paintball For?
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Question: Who is Paintball For?
Paintball is for anyone who likes competition, action, strategy and skill.

Many people have fond memories running around as children playing tag, capture the flag, or hide and go seek. Most remember these games as only a simple part of childhood and move on to bigger and better things, but some just take up the adult form of tag - paintball. And, just as tag can be played by nearly anyone, paintball is an accessible, affordable activity that can accommodate just about any personality and budget. So, if you have ever wondered if you could play paintball, the answer is an emphatic "YES".

Paintball comes in many different forms, ranging from small groups of friends playing in the backyard to thousands of people reenacting the World War II D-Day invasion of Normandy to high speed games played on ESPN. Different variations fit different personalities, but as long as you like competition, movement, strategy and skill, a variation of paintball will fit you just fine.

More than just action and adventure, paintball lets you mix and match and create the ideal equipment setup for you. Do you want to blend into the trees and silently eliminate players from a distance? Do you want to shoot 18 paintballs a second and drown opposing teams with overwhelming firepower? Or do you want to flank the opposing team through the trees with a small group of fleet-footed comrades? Different equipment setups can make any of these scenarios possible, and a proper setup can be established for any of these, or countless other, playing styles. With the rise of the Internet, paintball equipment is now more accessible, affordable, and adaptable than ever before, and whether you want to buy the newest, fastest gun or rent a pump from your local paintball field, you can be geared up and on the field in no time.

Paintball is also more accessible than ever before. Paintball fields exist in all of the United States and throughout the world. Professional fields, private property, and public land all offer paintball opportunities, and your start in paintball could literally be right around the corner.

Whether you want to be a professional paintballer, rent some guns for a family reunion or play one weekend a month, paintball just might be right for you.

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