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Political Paintball

Articles and Blog Posts About the Politics of Paintball



Is Paintball Legal in Every State?
Despite some early controversies, paintball is on a good legal footing in the United States.

Blog posts

Harvard Politics and Paintball
Following the election, Harvard political students from opposing parties take their political differences to the paintball field.

President Obama, Would You Like to Play Some Paintball?
An invitation to President Obama to come and play paintball.

The Wrong Kind of Press Coverage
It seems that almost every time paintball is mentioned by the media it's in a negative connotation, generally relating to vandalism or other other immature behavior. Maybe one reason that many people have a negative view of paintball is because that's the only thing they've ever seen.

Paintball on Public Land
Some states allow paintball to be played on public land while others completely block it. Is this fair?

What Do the Candidates Think About Paintball?
Do the 2008 presidential candidates have any thoughts about paintball? We may never know.

German Politicians Are Cowards
German politicians seek to ban paintball in response to a suicide attack at a school by a teenager who never played paintball.

German Paintballers Fight Back
In response to the proposed legislation to ban paintball, German paintballers fight back and the legislation is removed.

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