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Introduction to Paintball

Paintball has only been around since 1981, but it's gaining popularity and has a very loyal fan base. If you've never played, it's time to find out what it's all about.
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Top 10 Reasons to Play Paintball
There are countless reasons to play paintball. Here are a few that come in at the top of my list.

Paintballing starts with playing the sport of paintball but can lead to so much more.

A Brief Introduction to Paintball
A very short introduction to paintball

Does Paint Wash Off of Buildings?
Many people wonder if paintballs will wash off of buildings, trees and buildings.

What's the Difference Between a Paintball Gun and Marker?
Learn the difference between a paintball gun and a paintball marker. The difference is

Paintball or Paint Ball?
The proper way to spell the name of the sport where you shoot little paint-filled balls at one another.

Are Airsoft and Paintball the Same Thing?
Though they have much in common, airsoft and paintball are not the same activity.

Which Paintball Gun for Beginners?
Learn which brand of paintball gun the About.com Paintball Guide recommends for beginners.

Are Paintball Guns Illegal?
Generally speaking, no. Specific countries, states and cities might have laws regulating paintball guns, but they are generally not considered inherently illegal. paintball gusn how to paintball guns howto faq

How To Help Paintball's Image
Image matters and players need to do their part to improve the image.

Is Paintball Safe?
Paintball is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense.

Is Paintball Fun?
Paintball is a fun sport that just about anybody can play and enjoy. It's an exciting blend of action, strategy and adrenaline and comes in countless forms and variations.

Is Paintball a Sport?
Paintball is a sport. It is composed of opposing teams, fixed objectives and requires physical activity and fast-paced movement. It's true that it is different from basketball and football, but so are tennis, javelin throwing and diving.

Is It a Paintball Gun or Paintball Marker?
Paintball is simply a variation on the classic game of tag. What sets it apart is thing you shoot. What do you call it? Is it a paintball gun or a paintball marker?

Political Paintball
Articles and blog posts discussing the politics of paintball.

Is Paintball Legal in Every State?
As far as I know, it is legal to play paintball in every state. Different communities, though, do have different requirements to play and individual communities can make playing paintball illegal.

The Best Weather for Paintball
Paintball can be played in many weather conditions, but some are better than others.

How Many Miles Per Hour (MPH) Does a Paintball Gun Shoot?
A paintball going 300 feet per second (fps) is moving at 204.5 mph (329 km/h) and a paintball going 280 fps is traveling at 191 mph (307 km/h).

Do Paintballs Biodegrade?
Paintballs are completely biodegradable and will wash away from most surfaces with water or will vanish after a rainstorm. Paintballs are gelatin capsules filled with an oil or polyethylene glycol (the base of cough syrups) and food-coloring dye mixture. Both the shells and the fill will naturally biodegrade and will not leave lasting marks on the environment.

Does Paintball Stain Clothes?
Paintballs generally will not stain clothing or fabrics. I have found that certain brands of paintballs will stain certain light-colored fabrics. This is dependent upon the dye used in coloring the fill and the fabric. I have found that cheaper paints are more likely to stain white cotton or cotton/poly fabrics. I have never seen a paintball stain a dark-colored fabric. A good rule of thumb is to not play paintball with light clothing and you shouldn't have a problem.

Can You Play Paintball Indoors?
There are many indoor paintball facilities throughout the country where you can play paintball indoors, though it outdoor fields are much more common. These facilities typically charge an entrance fee and require you to use in-house paintballs (which typically cost more).

What Gear Do You Need To Play Paintball?
There are four basic pieces of paintball gear that you need to play paintball: a mask, a hopper, a tank, and a paintball gun. You will also need paintballs to play.

How Many People Needed To Play Paintball
You can play paintball all by yourself or join in a group of a thousand to enjoy the sport. Match your variation to the numbers you have and you'll be sure to have a great time.

Where to Buy Paintball Equipmment
While paintball is a fast growing sport with millions of players worldwide, there are still just a few places you can buy new equipment: large retailers, specialty stores and online.

Social Paintball Sites
An SPS focuses on what's important to paintballers: finding new people to play paintball with, space to brag about exploits and a convenient way to share information about equipment, strategy, teams and events.

How to Meet Other Paintball Players
Seeing the success of social networking sites, web-savvy paintballers have created the concept of the Social Paintball Site (SPS). An SPS focuses on what's important to paintballers: finding new people to play paintball with, space to brag about exploits and a convenient way to share information about equipment, strategy, teams and events.

How Much Paintball Costs to Play
Paintball can cost as much or as little as you are reasonably willing to pay. Similar to many other action sports, it can be relatively inexpensive to begin, but the more involved you become, the more you can expect your costs to rise.

How to Chose Teams
While it might seem basic, evenly matched teams are necessary for a competitive game of paintball.

Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?
Paintballs can cause small welts and bruises, but proper preparation and following basic safety rules will keep you from any major injury.

How To Play Paintball (Basic Rules)
The key to a fun game of paintball is to have everyone on the same page. It only takes a few minutes, but quickly going through the rules each time will help maximize your paintball experience.

Bare Necessities to Play Paintball
Getting started in paintball is not difficult. You only need a few, basic items, and you will be ready to play.

Who is Paintball For?
Paintball is for anyone who likes competition, action, strategy and skill.

User Submission Form
From to submit content directly to paintball.about.com.

Is Paintball Dying?
Paintball is a changing sport, but it's not dying, yet.

Is Paintball an Olympic Sport
The truth about paintballs chances of becoming an Olympic sport

Who Invented Paintball?
Learn a little bit about the history of paintball.

What is Paintball
Very briefly, learn what paintball is all about.

Who Plays Paintball?
A variety of people from countless backgrounds play paintball but the majority of players come from a few groups of people.

Can Paintballs Break Glass?
Are paintballs actually shot fast enough to break glass?

The Gear You Need To Play Paintball
To begin the sport of paintball you only need a few pieces of equipment.

Inventor of the Paintball Gun
The patent for the first paintball gun was issued in 1974.

Playing Paintball at Night
Paintball in the day is fun, so playing in the night must be fun, too. Right?

Can Paintball Make You A Better Soldier?
Paintball does have many similarities with war, but does that mean that playing paintball will prepare you to become a soldier?

Age to Play Paintball
Young children don't belong on the paintball field, but you don't have to be an adult to enjoy the game of paintball.

When Was Paintball First Played
The origins of paintball go back to the 1970s but it wasn't until the next decade that the game was first played.

Things That Don't Go Over Well
I like paintball. A lot. I like the competition, the camaraderie, the adrenaline, the tinkering, the strategy and countless other aspects of the sport. As with anything, though, there are some things that I don’t like. This list is not comprehensive, though it is ranked in approximately the order of dislike with the worst things at the top...

What New Paintball Players Need to Know
The first time playing paintball can be a little nerve wracking. Here are a few things every new paintballer should now.

Parent's Questions About Paintball
Many new paintball players are younger who must get permission from their parents to play. Parents, understandably, have many questions about the game. Learn the answers to those questions.

How to Save Money With Paintball
Paintball doesn't have to drive you to bankruptcy. If you take a few steps you can significantly decrease the amount you spend on the sport while still enjoying all the fun it provides.

How to Save Money With Paintball
Paintball doesn't have to drive you to bankruptcy. If you take a few steps you can significantly decrease the amount you spend on the sport while still enjoying all the fun it provides.

How to Save Money With Paintball
Paintball doesn't have to drive you to bankruptcy. If you take a few steps you can significantly decrease the amount you spend on the sport while still enjoying all the fun it provides.

What to Expect When You Play Paintball for the First Time
The first time out on the paintball field can be a bit intimidating. Learn what to expect on your first day playing the sport.

The Most Important Part of Paintball
There are many facets to the sport of paintball. One, though, is more important than all the rest.

Should I Let My Children Play Paintball?
Parenting is not an easy job and it can be a challenge to make decisions regarding your child. What do you say when your child wants to go play paintball?

Is it Better to Rent or Purchase a Paintball Gun?
After first playing paintball, many players want to rush out and buy their own equipment. Before doing so, take a minute and make sure purchasing is the best option for you.

What Happens When A Paintball Gun Gets Wet?
Paintball guns sometimes get what. Is that a bad thing?

The Paintball Guide
Learn the basics of paintball and what you need to do to get into the game.

The Most Expensive Part of Paintball
Paintball can be expensive. What costs the most depends on how you play the game.

Is Paintball Fun for Grown-Ups?
Paintball is often viewed as a game for kids, but it is so much more.

The Most Painful Thing Paintball
The most painful thing in paintball is not getting hit with a paintball. It's usually doing something to hurt yourself.

Are head shots legal in paintball?
Head shots are discouraged in many sports, but paintball is not like many sports.

General Paintball Tips
Countless tips about paintball exist. Here are a few that every player can stand to hear again.

Learn what paintball is. Learn multiple things that paintball is.

Paintball or "Paint Ball" - The Name of the Sport We Love
What's in a name? It all depends, but with paintball (or paint ball), you may be surprised with the answer.

Paintball Supplies
To play paintball, make sure you have a good stock of the right supplies on hand.

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