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Stryker STR-1 Review

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Stryker STR-1 Review

Stryker STR-1

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The Bottom Line

The Stryker STR-1 is a basic semi-automatic paintball gun package that is better looking than similarly priced guns but only has average performance. It doesn't really shine in any area or have any major defects but it is quite inexpensive. If you are getting ready to purchase your first gun in this price range it's not a bad choice since it comes with all the accessories you need to play.
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  • Good looking body design.
  • Very good feed neck.
  • Comfortable fore-grip.
  • Inexpensive and comes with accessories.


  • Not particularly accurate.
  • Long trigger pull.
  • Currently no upgrades available.


  • Entry level semi-automatic paintball gun.
  • Comes with a mask, hopper, single-use CO2 tank and adapter, barrel plug and squeegee.
  • Commonly available for about $80.

Guide Review - Stryker STR-1 Review


The Stryker STR-1 is an entry-level, semi-automatic paintball gun intended for the beginner player. The two-piece cast metal body is securely held together with four screws while a 3-dimensional wave accompanies the silver to metallic green fade from the rear of the gun to the barrel that resembles the milling of much more expensive guns.

The STR-1 is top cocking and the gas-through fore grip is coated with EVA (the same material used on water ski rope grips). A great feature is the inclusion of JT's Gorilla Grip feed neck - it does a great job of holding the hopper in place without any screws or clamps though it is too tight for a hopper with a larger feed neck.


The STR-1's performance doesn't compete with higher-end guns but it's performance equals that of similarly priced paintball guns. The trigger pull is relatively smooth and the gun fires as quickly as you can pull the trigger but due to the long trigger pull it's not extremely fast. It's not super consistent but at forty feet it had a spread of about two feet - more than accurate enough to hit a person on the first or second shot. The trigger frame is large enough to comfortably accommodate two fingers and the front grip is extremely comfortable for long days at the field.


Blowback guns are usually easy to maintain and the STR-1 is no exception. Other than basic re-oiling which is easily done with the aid of the rear quick release pin there is minimal regular maintenance. Adjusting the velocity is easily accomplished from the rear but does require an Allen wrench.

Included Accessories

The mask is functional but far from comfortable - I would recommend a nicer model for extended play. The hopper works well for the gun (there is enough vibration from firing that an agitated hopper really isn't necessary). The barrel plug and squeegee work but are very basic.
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