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Smart Parts SP-1

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Smart Parts SP-1
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The Bottom Line

The Smart Parts SP-1 is a solid, entry-level, electropneumatic paintball gun designed for the woodsball crowd. It's not as nice as more expensive electros, but it shines in its price range.
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  • Inexpensive
  • Very upgradeable
  • Easy-out bolt
  • Low Pressure


  • Requires Compressed Air or an Anti-Siphon CO2 Tank
  • Somewhat difficult to change firing modes
  • Capped rate of fire on stock board


  • Entry-level electropneumatic paintball gun
  • Designed for woodsball/scenario use
  • Requires one 9-volt battery
  • Smart Parts threaded barrel
  • Manufacturer's Site

Guide Review - Smart Parts SP-1


The SP-1 is Smart Parts' entry-level electronic gun aimed at the woodsball/scenario player. Its composite body construction feels solid and durable and it comes with tactical rails for mounting accessories and has an included clamping feedneck. It comes with a standard 45 grip, single trigger and a front regulator to accommodate its 180psi operating pressure. The stock SP-1 weighs in at just under 2.5 pounds and has a solid, comfortable feel in your hands. While it lacks anti-chop eyes, it does have a low-force bolt which does a good job at eliminating chops. It does have several firing modes including full-automatic and 3-round burst.


The SP-1 is one of the cheapest electronic paintball guns available, but shooting it does not feel cheap at all. It's much quieter than a comparably priced mechanical gun and it does have a decent rate of fire at 11bps, though that can be improved with an upgraded circuit board. The SP-1 is fairly accurate and is rugged enough to survive some contact with trees and rocks out in the woods. One interesting aspect of firing the SP-1 is the trigger pull: it's a very light pull, but pulling it reminded me of pushing into a sponge - not a bad thing at all, but a little different.


The SP-1 is simple to care for with it's bolt-out-the-back design and it should be relatively problem free. Make sure that you regularly clean and lubricate the gun and always make sure your 9-volt battery is charged. If you ever have to completely take apart the gun, be prepared to spend a little time to get everything taken apart and put back together afterwards.


There are multiple upgrades that fit the SP-1 including rail attachments (scopes, sights, flashlights, etc.) and performance upgrades (circuit boards, barrels, etc.). The SP-1 uses standard Smart Parts threading.
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