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US Army Alpha Black

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US Army Alpha Black

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The Bottom Line

The US Army Alpha Black is a durable yet inexpensive gun that is perfectly suited for the beginning player or anyone who prizes durability and simplicity over lightness and speed.
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  • Durable construction
  • Very simple and easy to maintain
  • Low price
  • Included tool kit


  • Heavier than most guns
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Complete disassembly is time consuming


  • Semi-automatic blowback paintball gun
  • MilSim design based on the M-16
  • Comes with an 11" barrel
  • Will run on CO2 or Compressed Air
  • Manufacturer's Site

Guide Review - US Army Alpha Black


The Alpha Black is designed to resemble an M-16 with a 45 degree pistol grip, front magazine (which holds a basic tool kit) and a top-mounted carry handle. It has an inline, blowback design, reminiscent of the Tippmann 98, which seems right since Tippmann designed and builds the Alpha Black. The gun comes with a quick release feed tube to allow for quick cleaning of the chamber and comes with an 11" barrel. The entire gun is very solidly built but is heavier than most other guns.

Performance and Reliability

The Alpha Black is a very simple gun and internally resembles the proven Tippmann 98 with a very straightforward inline bolt. While this design has a limited rate of fire, it is also very reliable and it will easily fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. The gun has above average accuracy and will fire on either CO2 or compressed air. The gun doesn't have an anti-chop system but it does a good job of not breaking paint in the chamber or the barrel.


The Alpha Black is designed to be upgraded and tactical stocks, shrouds, slings and even an e-grip. It is designed for the beginner paintballer and it doesn't have quite as many upgrades as the Tippmann 98 or A-5. If you prefer, the Alpha Black Tactical comes already upgraded.

Reviewer's note: This review is based heavily on other reviews of the Alpha Black.

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