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Tippmann Gryphon PowerPack Review

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Tippmann Gryphon PowerPack Review
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The Bottom Line

The Tippmann Gryphon PowerPack is a good choice for the beginner player because it comes with everything you need to play for less than $100. The kit comes with the gun, mask, hopper, CO2 tank, barrel cover and repair kit.
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  • Comes with everything you need to play paintball
  • Mask is better than other, similarly priced masks


  • Only a 9oz tank


  • Beginner paintball gun package
  • Comes with gun, mask, hopper, mask, tank, barrel cover and repair kit
  • Includes everything the beginner needs to play paintball
  • Costs approximately $99

Guide Review - Tippmann Gryphon PowerPack Review


The Gryphon is a decent gun that is comparable in quality to other guns in the same price range. Read the whole review of just the Gryphon paintball gun to find out more.


The included mask is a basic, single-lens paintball mask. The quality is decent and is much better than many other starter masks that are included in other beginner paintball gun packages. While it isn't a mask that any user will want to wear forever, it is comfortable enough that it shouldn't turn anyone off from the sport.


The hopper is a basic, gravity-fed 200-round hopper.

CO2 Tank

The included CO2 tank is a 9oz tank and comes empty. It will be good for approximately 400-500 shots but will need to be filled before it can be played with. If you plan on shooting more than that many shots between fills, I would recommend purchasing a second, larger tank.

Barrel Cover

The Gryphon comes with a basic barrel cover. It is perfectly adequate for the gun.

Repair Kit

The repair kit has the necessary Alan wrenches to take the gun apart but you will still need a Phillips-head screwdriver to completely take the gun apart. The kit also comes with a small tube of oil that comes without a lid so I would recommend purchasing an additional bottle of oil that can be resealed.
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