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Angel 1

The Angel 1 Comes Ready to Compete With The Best Guns in the World

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Angel 1

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The Angel 1 comes with a high-end price but also packs high-end performance. For your playing style it may or may not be the best paintball gun, but it definitely can compete with any gun out there.


Angel Paintball Sport's Angel 1 (also known as the A1) is a high-end electro-pneumatic paintball gun marketed towards the tournament player. Its three-bore design keeps the gun compact and its low-rise clamping feed neck gives it a very low and tight profile. Internally, the foregrip houses a primary regulator, the two lower chambers contain the low pressure regulator and the ram while the upper chamber holds the bolt. The A1 comes with a standard size ASA with a twist on/off, an LED screen and scroll wheel to manage your settings and a USB port to update the gun's software. While all these features are nice, what impresses me is that the A1 still manage to be one of the best looking guns available today.

As can be expected for a high-end gun, all the components are very well made - there really aren't very many upgrades available (or even needed other than a barrel kit). As a bonus, the A1's full color manual is very well written and contains all the information you'll need to completely disassemble and reassemble the gun as well as a comprehensive explanation of how to tune it to fit your needs.

The A1 comes with a tool kit, gun oil, a barrel plug (I recommend getting a barrel sock as soon as possible) and a two-piece barrel with three backs (.691, .693 and .695).


Angel 1 Feedneck

© 2007 David Muhlestein licensed to About.com, Inc.

With just a little bit of tuning, the A1 was ready to shoot a few minutes out of the box. While I am very pleased with its overall performance, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, Angels need a little breaking in before they shoot super consistently and get maximum shot efficiency, so don't expect perfection out of the box. Additionally, like all high-end guns, the A1 needs to be tuned properly before it will fire just like you want it. If you are just playing in semi-automatic mode, there's not a whole lot to be done other than adjust your ball speed. If you want to tune the gun to act like the professionals' guns it will take a little bit of time to get things just right. One great feature is the customizability of the trigger pull - it's easy to do and very precise.

The A1 comes with three barrel backs, though unfortunately the smallest size is .691 (which is larger than many paintballs). That said, with a good paint to barrel match, the A1 can lay down ball on top of ball at thirty feet. Like other high-end guns, it fires as fast as you can pull the trigger so your firing speed is limited by your hopper speed (I use a Halo B) and finger speed. I had no problem with the reliability of the eyes and my only breaks have happened in the barrel (never in the chamber). One issue that some have with the A1 is efficiency - unless your gun is well tuned you might not be getting as many shots per tank as you should. If you are getting less than 1000 shots with a full 68/4500 tank, you may want to have a professional tune your gun.

Tuning the Gun

Adjusting the settings on the A1 is easily accomplished with the color LCD screen and scroll wheel (which also is used to turn the gun on and off and put it into safe mode). To get the gun tuned perfectly you'll need to get an additional gauge (available from APS) to help you tune the LPR. While the stock settings work perfectly for the intermediate player, if you really want to get your dwell, de-bounce and LPR settings ideal, APS releases the settings they use for the professional teams they sponsor.

Note on Scroll Wheel

Angel 1 LCD Screen

© 2007 David Muhlestein licensed to About.com, Inc.

Some people have complained that the scroll wheel can accidentally be pushed up and put the gun into safe mode during a game but I have never had that problem.

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