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Game Types

The basic setup of paintball is very simple, but there are countless variations that will give you new paintball games to try out for years to come.

Night Paintball
Paintball is generally played in the day. But not always. It can also be played at night.

Paintball Game Variations
You've played the classic version of paintball a time or two and you want to try out something a little different. Here are the paintball game variations you should try out.

Top Seven Game Variations for Beginners
Paintball is a game that is great from the inexperienced to the most advanced players. This list is if you're just starting out and you want to try some different game types to experience paintball in a new way.

A field full of players and you can only shoot one of them. At the same time, only one is hunting you. The problem is that you don't know who that person is.

Bounty Hunters
There are multiple bounty hunters all pursuing one fugitive. While the numbers are stacked against the fugitive, he does have some distinct advantages.

Rather than speed and quickness, the focus of Snipers is stealth and stalking. Not only do you have a limited number of shots, if you don't conceal yourself well you're just a sitting duck.

The team with the most players left wins, but each team has the chance to raise their dead once.paintball game types paint ball game types paintball guns paintball rules how to play paintball

You have one minute to get as many bodies as possible to the other side of the field.

While few people are born ambidextrous, many wish they were. With a little practice, though, you can learn to competitively play with either hand. It also helps if everyone else is learning at the same time.

Pocket Full of Balls
While it's often exciting to shoot a stream of paintballs as fast as you can pull the trigger, sometimes it's nice to slow things down a little bit so the focus is on accuracy and positioning rather than the speed of your fingers. The simple way to slow things down is to remove all hoppers and play one shot at a time.

Rather than focusing on eliminating the other team, wouldn't it be easier to narrow your focus onto one opposing player? VIP places you with the responsibility of protecting your VIP while also attempting to eliminate your opponent's.

Base Capture
Base Capture is a simple variation of capture the flag that encourages quick games and mad dashes but requires significant amounts of strategy to successfully compete.

Center Flag
A variation of capture the flag that requires you to think, shoot and move quickly.

Basic Game of Paintball
The rules are simple, but all variations of paintball depend on the basic game.

Capture the Flag
How to play capture the flag in paintball.

Paintballer's Almanac Review
The Paintballer's Almanac is not a perfect book of paintball games but it is the largest and best collection of different paintball games available. Not all games are really feasible but there are enough variations of classic paintball games to keep the adventurous paintballer experimenting for many days on the field.

Jungle Paintball
A paintball variation for small fields with dense undergrowth.

Revolutoinary War
One caller, two players, two paintball guns and no fear of pain. You can't get much simpler than that.

Paintball Elimination
The most basic form of paintball is the game of elimination. While the rules are basic, mastering it can take a lifetime.

Twilight Paintball
Paintball games tend to run long and sometimes you just want to get one more game in before it gets too dark to play.

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