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The Top Free Online Paintball Games


You love to play paintball, but sometimes you just can't go out and compete. If you feel the urge to shoot but you don't have a gun or gear

1. Paintball Smash

Paintball Smash blows away most other online games, paintball or any other genre, with its blend of graphics and action. Rather than simply a point and click to waste a few minutes, this game is actually fun to play as you attempt to capture the flag and eliminate all the opponents in a large, outdoor setting. It's not going to keep you entertained for days and its replayability is limited, but it's definitely a game worth trying out.

2. Paintball Smash 2

Paintball Smash 2 is very similar to the original but is played on a speedball course instead of out in the woods. It adds the ability to lean to the sides and run which add a nice aspect rarely seen in online games. Plus, the AI seems to be a little bit smarter, though possibly that is simply because the fields are smaller and you encounter more opponents at once. The learning curve is very shallow which makes Paintball Smash 2 is a great way to spend a few minutes online.

3. Assault Paintball

You stand in one place and shoot opposing players as they come out while trying to get health bonuses along the way. The premise is basic, but the graphics and sound effects are quite enjoyable.

4. Paintball Scramble

This is a basic 3-D game that lets you shoot opposing players as you try and capture the opposing team's flag. You can pick up health bonuses and extra paint as you progress through the level.

5. King of the Hill Paintball

Shoot the cast of King of the Hill as they appear on the screen. This simple game can be surprisingly addictive.

6. Mousebreaker Paintball

Run around the field and shoot the opposing players before they shoot you. You can do one on one or four man scramble, but either way you'll need some patience to master this game and its controls. It's harder to start but it also has the most potential for replay.

7. Paintball Shooter Game

Shoot the opposing players as they come out from behind bunkers and keep your accuracy up. This is based on speedball and a quick mouse is the key.

8. Presidential Paintball

To celebrate the 2008 Presidential Election you can play as Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, Romney or McCain and you must battle against the other candidates as you advance towards the Oval Office.
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