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While most aspects of paintball involve actually playing the sport, there are games, magazines and videos that can keep you entertained between trips to the field
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Book Review of "A Parent's Guide To Paintball"
A Parent's Guide To Paintball is a comprehensive overview of the sport of paintball and will answer more questions than even a needy parent might have about the sport.

What Are the Best Online Paintball Games?
Many online paintball games exist around the internet and are played every day. Which one is your favorite and why? If you know a game that's not included on the site, be sure to share it with everyone else.

Free Online Paintball Magazines
As much fun as it is to thumb through a good magazine, an online version, especially when it's free, can often be just as enjoyable. Plus, many publishers are switching to online-only versions of their magazines with additional interactive content and videos, so enjoying these online might be the only way to stay up to date with the paintball...

Paintballer's Almanac Review
The Paintballer's Almanac is not a perfect book of paintball games but it is the largest and best collection of different paintball games available. Not all games are really feasible but there are enough variations of classic paintball games to keep the adventurous paintballer experimenting for many days on the field.

Top Free Online Paintball Games
The best free paintball games available online.

Recon Magazine
Recon is the self-described magazine of woodsball. It focuses on all things woodsball and scenario.

Welt Magazine
A completely free, completely online magazine focusing on tournament paintball and paintball injuries.

Paintball Sports Magazine
A magazine devoted to all things paintball. They cover everything from beginner woodsball to professional tournaments.

Facefull Magazine
A paintball magazine devoted primarily to speedball and tournament paintball.

Paintball 2 Xtremes
A speedball centered magazine that is well written and has a fairly large circulation.

Action Pursuit Games
One of the largest paintball themed magazines available. They cover speedball, woodsball and anything else paintball related.

Paint Magazine
An online, free paintball magazine. It's not as in depth as many published magazines and much of the information is somewhat out of date, but it's all free and all online.

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