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The Best Paintball Field

It may not exist, but you can definitly look for it


The Best Paintball Field
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Paintball can be played in many environments. It can be played outdoors, indoors or both. It can be played on grass, on dirt, in the woods, on mountains, and in many other locations. About all that limits you use your imagination. One of the most exciting parts about paintball is that you can literally never run out of new ways for places to play.

That being said, there must be better options to play out. Some will argue, even that there is the best field to play on. I’m not convinced that there is a “best” field to play, but there may be the best field for you.

Choosing the best field takes a little bit of time and a little bit of luck. The key is to find a location that is accessible, varied enough that you can play multiple varieties of games on it, and that the price to play will not leave you bankrupt. I recommend that you try playing at a number of fields ranging from professional fields to local outlaw fields and on private property. Identify which types of games you enjoy playing and see how the field is for you to play on.

If you play speedball, then what you are looking for is more narrow than if you want to play all types of paintball. For speedball, the key is going to be to find a field that is flat but not beat up. Many fields that are over used begin to have ruts, are missing grass, and seem to attract mud.

If you focus on woodsball, I recommend looking for a field that is uneven and has a significant amount of natural obstacles including trees and brush. Also, if you can locate a larger area to play you can easily adjust your field to different numbers of players.

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