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Design a Paintball Field


Design a Paintball Field
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During the winter months there's often time between trips to the paintball field. While the weather often doesn't cooperate, it's even more common that your peers won't cooperate and argue that freezing temperatures aren't conducive to paintball. That means that you probably now have more free time than you had all summer and fall. With your open weekends you can fill them cleaning your gear or even doing non-paintball related things, but I'm sure that's not what you really want to do. Why not spend some of your time designing your dream paintball field?

There are two ways that you can approach building a dream field - designing one you may actually build now and designing one you would love to see built someday. Last winter I took a few weeks to design a couple of fields for a resort that was thinking of adding paintball to its attractions and I must say that it was fun and a lot of work. After going to lots and lots of fields, I've seen some good things and bad things and it's not easy to put the best parts of different fields into one setting and then add a few original features. It turns out to be a lot of work, but at the same time, a lot of fun.

If you have some time, try and redesign the local field you play at. If you play on private property, try and make the layout exciting while also feasible to build while figuring out what supplies you'll have access to. For example, check to see if there any demolition projects going on in your community where you might be able to get some building materials over the winter that you can then reassemble in a unique design come spring. If you play at a professional field, share your ideas with the field owner. Most field owners I have spoken to are generally pretty friendly and open to new and exciting ways of laying out fields. If you agree to organize some friends and provide the labor, chances are that they'll agree to let you make some improvements. Even if you don't get to build your field, odds are that you'll come up with some new ideas and strategies to try out the next time you do play.

While the fields I designed haven't, yet, been built (and might never be), I still have the plans so I can one day build my own dream field.

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