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Woodsball Clothing


Woodsball Clothing

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Paintball clothing comes in countless colors, designs, and shapes, but ideal, basic outdoor apparel comes in only two forms: camouflage and non-camouflage. If you are getting ready for your first day of paintball in the woods, there's no urgent need to invest in camouflage as you probably already own adequate clothing for the outdoors. The basic rule of thumb for woodsball clothing is that it should cover you completely and blend in with your surroundings. Always choose clothing that is comfortable and allows complete movement. Never wear clothing you do not want to get dirty!


For a basic day in the woods, dark pants and a dark, long-sleeved shirt will work well. If you are worried about getting shot, a dark sweatshirt can be added to pad your attire. Black works most anywhere, but other dark colors also work well. Just be sure to avoid any colors that are not native to your playing field. Additionally, if it is hot and you are not worried about minor bruises, many people choose to play with a short-sleeved shirt. The accompanying picture shows basic black clothing that allows for good concealment in bushes. Many people will take speedball attire into the woods, and this generally works fine as long as no brightly colored jerseys are worn.


Basic camouflage for paintball can be as simple as wearing a camo jacket or as intricate as a custom made digital-camo suit. The key is to find clothes that are comfortable, allow complete mobility, and match your surroundings. The accompanying picture demonstrates a basic setup complete with camo pants, camo jacket, tan t-shirt, and a backwards baseball cap that protects the neck. Camouflage does not add a huge advantage to playing over basic dark colors, but every little bit can help during a competitive game. Remember, camouflage is really only necessary when you are playing outdoors in natural environments - if you're in a man-made area, don't worry about it.


Paintball clothing does not have to be fancy or specialized to work well. If you match colors with your surroundings, you will be able to blend in and hide. The trick to not being detected is not so much the clothing but how you position yourself and move. A little time spent learning how to hide yourself is worth more than the best camouflage you can buy.

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