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Paintball does not have a set wardrobe, but certain combinations work better than others. Learn what clothing you need and what you can do without.

Woodsball Clothing
What clothing to wear when you go play a game of woodsball.

What Shoes to Wear to Play Paintball
There is no standard shoe to wear when you play paintball and common types include hiking boots, athletic shoes and cleats. Before deciding what to wear, just keep a few things in m

What to Wear on Your Head When You Play Paintball
What you should wear on your head while you play paintball

What are Paintball Pants?
Almost every competitive paintball player will eventually own a pair of pants designed specifically for paintball.

What's a Paintball Jersey?
Paintball jerseys are commonly worn by all types of paintball players.

How To Clean Paintball Stains
Paintball can be messy, but with a little care, the toughest stains will come out.

Paintball Camouflage and Blending In
When you're playing in the woods you often need to blend in with your surroundings. Being stealthy by nature is nice, but having the right gear is more important.

Why paintball clothing actually matters
Paintball apparel comes in all styles and forms, but what clothes do you really need to wear to play the game?

Paintball Socks
If you're playing paintball you have to wear socks. Learn what you should wear.

Paintball Vests
Paintball vests help you take gear with you on the field.

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