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Paintball Gift Guide

The Wish Lift of Paintball Gifts


Looking outside is quick to remind us of the cold weather many of us enjoy around the end of December. While this inclement weather typically means that paintball guns are stored and air tanks are empty, it doesn't mean that a paintballer's heart isn't outside on the field. To help your paintballer pass the time to spring, here's About.com's Paintball Christmas Wish List. Most of these products are available at your local paintball store, but if in doubt, all are easily found online.

1. Paintballs

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When you play paintball you simply cannot get around paying for paint. Paintballers are like teenagers at a pizza party - they can never get enough. If in doubt, a paintballer can always use a few more paintballs.

2. Gift Certificate

If you really don't know what to get your paintballer, get a gift certificate. Many paintball stores offer gift certificates and getting one will let your paintballer choose exactly what he wants.

3. Paintball Gun

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Every paintball player in the world wants a new gun. No matter how much somebody likes their gun, there's always something new to try (electropneumatic instead of mechancial, another high end, etc). If you really want to surprise your paintballer, give a gun. Of course, since there are so many options, it might be a good idea to find out what brand your paintballer is dreaming about. Alternatively, you could just get some upgrades for an existing gun.
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4. Compressed Air Tank

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If your paintballer has been using CO2 since he took up the sport, it's time to introduce him to the world of compressed air. Not only are compressed air tanks lighter (at least the carbon fiber models are) and can fire more shots, they help guns shoot more consistently (which leads to better accuracy) and they work much better in cold weather.
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5. Thermal Lens Mask

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Many paintballers already have a thermal lens mask, but if your paintballer doesn't, it's definitely time to upgrade. These masks are much better at not fogging and are typically more comfortable and have a better field of vision.
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6. Barrel Kit

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Accuracy is increased when there's a good ball-to-barrel match. Rather than searching through dozens of brands of paintballs to find the brand that perfectly fits your barrel, just buy a barrel kit so that you can match your barrel to any size of paintball you buy. Make sure you get a barrel kit that has the right threadings to fit your paintballer's gun.
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7. Microfiber Cloth

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If you've ever tried cleaning oil or grease off of anything, you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. Since the paint in paintballs is oil based, after getting hit in the mask there's often an oily residue left behind. A microfiber cloth works like a charm - one wipe and the oily film is gone. Its low cost and small size make it a great stocking stuffer.
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8. Chronograph

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To keep paintball safe, paintballs should ideally be shot at 280 fps or less and never at more than 300 fps. If your paintballer ever plays where there isn't a professional chronograph, a simple hand held model does wonders to make sure your gun is shooting at a safe speed.
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9. Tool Kit

Nothing is more frustrating to a paintballer than when he makes it to the field, pulls out his gun and it doesn't work. Rather than bumming tools off his friends, a paintballer should always be prepared with his own basic set including screwdrivers (flat head and Phillips) (Compare Prices), Allen wrenches (standard and metric) (Compare Prices), gun oil (Compare Prices) and spare O-rings (Compare Prices). Even if a gun doesn't break down, basic tools are often required to tune a gun and get it shooting just how you like it.
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10. Pants and Jersey

Invert Pants
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Every year companies come out with new lines of clothes and while the functionality of the new clothes isn't much different, many paintballers want to stay in-style. Whether your paintballer wants woodsball or tournament clothes, high-quality paintball pants (Compare Prices) and jerseys (Compare Prices) are light-weight, durable and comes with padded knees and elbows to maximize your paintballer's time on the field.
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