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Paintball Tanks on Airplanes


Paintball Tanks on Airplanes
Question: Paintball Tanks on Airplanes
Answer: Paintball tanks may be taken as carry-on luggage or included in checked luggage with the requirement that THE VALVES ARE FIRST REMOVED.  TSA requires a visual inspection of each tank to ensure that it is empty and this requires that the tank have an opening on one side.  If you do not know how to or don't feel comfortable removing the valve on your CO2 or Compressed air tank, please contact your local paintball pro shop and ask for help.

Paintball guns may be legally taken on an airplane if they are in checked luggage.  The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) does not consider paintball guns to be firearms and allows them to be in checked baggage with no requirements relating to the type of container they are in. Paintball guns may NOT be brought on the plane in carry-on luggage.

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