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Where Can You Fill Compressed Air Tanks?


Where Can You Fill Compressed Air Tanks?
Question: Where Can You Fill Compressed Air Tanks?
Compressed air tanks are filled up to 5000 psi and require heavy duty compressors and equipment. While compressed air tanks typically out-perform CO2 tanks, fewer stores have the capability of filling properly filling them.

Paintball Shops and Fields

The first place to look is at paintball stores and fields. Most shops and fields have the equipment to safely fill compressed air tanks and some fill them for free.

Scuba Stores

Since compressed air tanks for paintball operate at a similar pressure as scuba tanks, many scuba stores also fill paintball tanks.

Fill Tanks At Home

If you own a scuba tank, your halfway to filing your paintball tanks at home. A scuba tank filled at your local scuba shop can easily fill compressed air tanks with a scuba fill station.
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