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Stories about paintball events, games and the history of the game.

Race to the Top
One of my first games of paintball turned out to be one of the most memorable.

My Personal Bunker Hill
During the Battle of Bunker Hill, British troops charged up the steep embankments of Breed and Bunker hills to try and retake the crests that were controlled by American forces. After being repulsed two times, the British finally were able to take the summit of the hills on their third attempt, and declare a symbolic victory as they had...

Paintball Memories
Paintball memories stick with you for life.

Playing with a Stock
An adventure with a new piece of equipment. Transforming a tournament gun into a woodsball paintball gun.

The Funniest Thing I've Seen in Paintball
Paintball is not generally viewed as a funny sport, that doesn't mean there's not humor to be found.

The Clean Sweep
Great individual performances in paintball often contain an element of luck.

My First Paintball Game
Every sports player was once a beginner and played their first game. Here's how I remember mine.

Duel in the Desert
One on one battles in paintball are fun, exciting and memorable. Here's one that happened in the desert.

Ghost Town Paintball
Paintball can be played almost anywhere, including an old, abandoned mining town.

Going Hunting - A Paintball Story
When you're all alone, you have to walk softly.

The Great Race
A large field means a lot of ground to cover. Sometimes coming in first really does matter.

Aim and Wait
Sometimes you don't take the perfect shot as much as you take what is given to you.

The Perfect Shot
There is no one way to have a perfect shot. They don't come along very often, but when they do, you remember them.

Hidden Shot
Is it a person? Is it a tree? There's only one good way to find out.

Across No-Man’s Land
A little luck can take you a long way.

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