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Paintballs - About.com
The invention of paintballs led to the invention of paintball, but not all paintballs are created equal. Learn what the differences are between high-end and ...
Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt? - About.com
Answer: Frozen paintballs hurt as much as regular paintballs. Despite long- standing myths to the contrary, putting paintballs in the freezer does not make them ...
The Paintball Guide - a Beginner's Paintball Guide
Paintball is a relatively simple sport to understand but takes a lifetime to fully enjoy as you can constantly learn more. These basics of paintball will help you as  ...
.50 Caliber Paintball - About.com
.50 caliber paintball guns are the exact same as traditional .68 caliber guns except they shoot smaller paintballs. .50 caliber paintballs are considerably lighter ...
About Paintball: Games, Strategy, Guns and Gear
Learn how to play paintball. Find information about paintball guns, gear and games, and learn strategies, basic rules and safety.
Does It Hurt to Get Hit by a Paintball? - About.com
Sometimes. While a player will usually feel a slight sting that will quickly fade - similar to a firm flick on the arm - paintballs can also cause welts and bruises ...
Can You Freeze Paintballs? Do Paintballs Freeze?
Answer: In a household freezer paintballs do not freeze solid. The shells become warped, dimpled and brittle while the internal liquid becomes thick and mushy.
Basic Equipment to Play Paintball - About.com
Getting started in paintball is not difficult. You only need a few, basic items and you will be ready to play.
Can Paintball Guns Shoot Marbles? - About.com
A common rumor is that paintball guns can shoot marbles. Find out if it is true.
How Can I Tell if My Paintballs are Too Old - About.com
The best way to test to see if paintballs are too old is to perform the drop test.
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