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Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt? - About.com
Answer: Frozen paintballs hurt as much as regular paintballs. Despite long- standing myths to the contrary, putting paintballs in the freezer does not make them ...
Paintballs - About.com
The invention of paintballs led to the invention of paintball, but not all paintballs are created equal. Learn what the differences are between high-end and ...
Paintballs - What to Look For In Paintballs
If you want to shoot well, make sure your paintballs don't hold you back. A good paintball will be perfectly round, have no visible line between the halves of the ...
How Can I Tell if My Paintballs are Too Old - About.com
The best way to test to see if paintballs are too old is to perform the drop test.
Can Paintballs Break Glass? - About.com
Are paintballs actually shot fast enough to break glass?
Where To Buy Paintballs - Where Can You Buy Paintballs?
Answer: There are a four primary places to buy paintballs: from a paintball field, a paintball store, a large retailer or online.
Can You Freeze Paintballs? Do Paintballs Freeze?
Answer: In a household freezer paintballs do not freeze solid. The shells become warped, dimpled and brittle while the internal liquid becomes thick and mushy.
Old Paintballs Are Bad to Shoot - About.com
Simply put, old paintballs are less accurate and more likely to break in your chamber or your barrel which gums up your entire gun. As paintballs age, their shells ...
How to Store Paintballs - About.com
To maximize the life of your paintballs they must be stored properly.
Can Paintballs Go Bad? - About.com
Paintballs are not designed to last forever, but that doesn't mean they are going to go bad right away.
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