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Mechanical Paintball Guns - About.com
Maintenance and description of mechanical paintball guns.
Electronic Paintball Guns - About.com
Description and maintenance of electronic paintball guns.
Can Paintball Guns Use Compressed Air? - About.com
Shooting a paintball with compressed air isn't as simple as hooking your shop compressor up to the gun and pulling the trigger.
Paintball - Guns and Markers - Inventors - About.com
Paintball - history - how tree-marking tools turn into paintball guns and markers.
Old Paintball Guns - Paintball Guns No Longer in Production
Some older paintball guns that are not currently in production. Many of these are still commonly available.
Performance of High End Paintball Guns - Paintball Gun Comparisons
Despite what companies would like you to believe, most high-end guns all have similar performance and what actually differs is how the gun feels to the ...
Differences Between Mechanical and Electropneumatic Paintball ...
Many new players know that there are differences between the beginner paintball gun they own and the more expensive guns they see at the field, but they don't ...
Guns/Markers - Paintball Guns and Paintball Markers
Paintball guns are readily available, but how do you know which one to get? Learn how paintball guns work, differences between models and read reviews.
Cheap Paintball Guns - Top Cheap Beginner Paintball Guns
If you're going to spend some money on a paintball gun, at lest buy something that's going to ... These are some of the best, cheap, entry-level paintball guns.
10 Best Paintball Guns Under $150 - About.com
You'll find here an assortment of paintball guns (from $100 to $150) that are very capable and will allow you to compete in a variety of competitions.
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