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Basic Equipment to Play Paintball - About.com
Getting started in paintball is not difficult. You only need some basic paintball equipment and you will be ready to play. It doesn't have to be expensive, you can  ...
Cleaning Out and Organizing a Paintball Gear Bag
It's amazing how fast a gear bag can get so full that there's no room for your gun or mask. Here are a few tips to clean out and organize your paintball gear bag.
What Gear Do You Need To Play Paintball - About.com
There are four basic pieces of paintball gear that you need to play paintball: a mask, a hopper, a tank, and a paintball gun. You will also need paintballs to play.
What You Need To Play Paintball - Basic Equipment For Paintball
To begin the sport of paintball you only need a few pieces of equipment.
Paintball Equipment - Necessary Equipment to Play Paintball
paintball equipment, paint ball equipment, paintball guns, paint ball guns, paintball masks, paint ball masks, paintball hoppers, paint ball hoppers, paintball  ...
Off-Label Ways To Use Your Paintball Gear - About.com
Paintball gear is intended for the sport of paintball, but that doesn't mean there's nothing else it can be used for. Here are just a few of the legitimate things ...
Paintball Accessories and Other Equipment - About.com
While you only need a gun, a tank and a mask to play paintball, there are countless accessories that can improve your shot, help you hide, or simply make you ...
What's Used Paintball Gear Really Worth? - About.com
Oct 15, 2008 ... Craigslist , eBay or online forums and follow the market for paintball guns. While some sellers have a good idea what their used gun is actually ...
Where to Store Paintball Equipment and Gear - About.com
Keeping your paintball gear in order can be a challenge when you don't know where to store it.
About Paintball: Games, Strategy, Guns and Gear
Learn how to play paintball. Find information about paintball guns, gear and games, and learn strategies, basic rules and safety.
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